Brazilian Photographer, with a sophisticated look and technique, gives to each photograph he takes, a beautiful and poetic experience, with impeccable results.

Online PR News – 29-May-2020 – Spain, 28th May 2020 – Son and grandson of photographers, Caio Cezar is an award-winning photographer, has been in books and has works in private and public collections. Known for his beautiful portraits, from where we can feel the essence of each one, he also has awesome photographies of daily scenes, monuments, objects and what else he imagines to poetically capture.
“Photography for me is a family affair. It came from my grandfather, who told my father, who told me. Twenty-five years of profession since then.”
Caio Cezar lives in Florianópolis, a small island off the southern coast of Brazil, began his career at 16, as a laboratory technician, developing films in black and white.
Graduated in photography at Univali, he worked 12 years as a photographic reporter in the “A Notícia” and “Diário Catarinense” newspapers. In 2005 he started to work as a freelancer for clients such as Editora Globo, Revista Trip, UOL and Folha de São Paulo.
He dropped the redaction job and focused on a gradual and consistent transition into authoral photography.
The panel “Banana 45”, which registers the ripening process of a bunch of bananas throughout 45 consecutive days, was a major participant of the exhibition “Fotografia Contemporânea Brasileira: Imagens, Vestígios e Ruídos (Contemporay Brazilian Photography: Images, Vestiges and Noises), held at Museu de Arte de Santa Catarina (MASC) in 2003.
A smart choice for collectors.
A perfect selection for architects and interior designers for their projects.
A delight for lovers of photography.
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