Friends Adult Diapers celebrates #ListenToAFriend Mother’s Day campaign

Friends Adult Diapers creates awareness and talks about stress incontinence a personal discomfort faced by mothers in their new Mother’s Day Campaign.

Online PR News – 29-May-2020 – May 13 2020, Mumbai, Maharashtra – Friends, the undisputed leader in the adult diapers category, has launched an innovative Mother’s Day campaign titled #ListenToAFriend.
Stress incontinence is a condition which is a result of weakening of the muscles and other tissues that support the bladder. Most people are unaware of the causes of incontinence and the impact it has on the person suffering from it, as well as on the family. In such a scenario, even a sneeze can lead to urine leakage, making it a source of great discomfort and embarrassment. This Mother’s Day, Friends Adult Diapers is highlighting the need to identify urinary incontinence in a mother so that they can always take necessary precautions and steps to avoid being bound at home because of it. One out of three new Mothers suffer from Stress Incontinence, which once identified can be easily managed with the help of adult disposable diapers. The condition is brought in focus with a sneeze in the film, which puts severe pressure on the bladder and causes urine leakage.
Speaking on the campaign Kartik Johari Vice president. Nobel Hygiene says “This Mother’s Day we would like to bring into the limelight a specific and very personal discomfort that a mother faces which she might be uncomfortable talking about. Our campaign educates everyone on Stress Incontinence that is faced by a lot of mothers. It encourages everyone around her to be a friend to her and help her identify and deal with this at the earliest. Through this Mother’s Day special film, we would like to raise awareness amongst our audience and make them understand that a sneeze is never JUST A sneeze for a mother. The embarrassment caused by a sneeze can be easily managed using adult diapers for women. One can easily call for adult diapers online via the official website of friends adult diapers-”
The film will be showcased on their official Instagram handle @friendsadultdiaper. The concept has been put together by WAT Media Private Limited. This Mother’s Day look out for the signs and look out for the Mothers! Happy Mother’s Day!