6DegreesIT launches the phase 2 of AI Chatbot : Stress Releasing App

6DegreesIT is designed an App to spread happiness and provide emotional assistance for people trying to cope up with depressing or stressful phase.

Online PR News – 29-May-2020 – 27-May-2020 Canada – Stress is the current constant that is prevailing worldwide, and today, it has become the second reason after Corona that is responsible for deaths.With the developing technology, there needs to be a cure for the increasing stress, depression, tension, which employees at corporate offices and the whole world right now: during COVID-19 pandemic, is experiencing.

The most useful solution to this is a Mobile Application like 6DegreesIT’s recent development for a Client – an AI Chatbot based Stress releasing App. This application provides emotional assistance to its users, and has amazing helpful features like audio journals, stress busting tips, interactive chat rooms, and various relaxing activities for calming the anxious mind state. The app is created with an intention to spread happiness and release stress.

While the current scenario poses a challenge for corporate offices worldwide, employees at 6DegreesIT are rigorously working from home to exceed the demands of our client This is due to the diligence and persistence of the developers at 6Degrees that even during this Pandemic situation, we were able to successfully launch the Phase 2 of this application recently.

There are numerous ways in which the app proves to be the Best Stress Reliever. Find some of them below:

Application for Emotional Assistance
Our developers’ consistent hard work resulted in the release of the app which not only had over 5.6K users within one month of its release, but also bagged 11000+ no. of downloads.The app has proven to be a great emotional assistance for the users so far. Developed for a client based at Singapore, the app was built with Hybrid Agile approach.

Calming Audio Suggestions
With its Phase 2 having released recently, the app has been upgraded with various useful inbuilt apps such as “stress busters” that is mapped with audio suggestions tagged as – Calm in 30 sec , Calmer in 1 Min , Conquer Your Fears , Detox Your Mind , Sleep Well,etc. These helpful audio suggestions can be utilized when you experience certain difficulties like sleeplessness, or anxiety attacks. You can follow the audio suggestions step-by-step provided by the bot/assistant, which will continue from other places in the app too.

Application Detects Mood
The app is intended to reduce stress and invoke happiness in people coping up with dooming times, whether in corporate world or today, in the overall pandemic scenario. The app is basically a chat system that contains mood detection along with stress busters. Being intuitive, the app is built with Natural Language Processing for conversation and mood detection of the user.

Relaxing Activities and Audio Journals to Vent out
This app is induced with activities like happiness rating graph,nature sounds, coloring, and games to help reduce the user’s stress. Not only does it promote a sharing platform to encourage the users for venting their thoughts and images, it also comes along with an AI chatbot, where you can freely record audio journals, goals and reminders.

Progress Tracker
Another helpful feature of the app is Progress Tracking, where the users can track the growth so far on their journey towards joy/stress-reduction. This feature also enables them to scroll through the history of activities done on the app.

Conclusively, the App is designed to spread happiness and provide emotional assistance for people trying to cope up with depressing or stressful phase. Read more about the Application here: https://www.6degreesit.com/case_study/ai-chatbot/