Green Wire Capital in final stages to launch new Asset Allocation Fund

Green Wire Capital’s Technology Division today announced that it will launch its new Asset Allocation Fund in August.

Online PR News – 29-May-2020 – TOKYO/CHIYODA-KU – Green Wire Capital’s new Asset Allocation Fund is a risk-managed fund designed to help private investors build wealth by seeking long-term dynamic diversification across multiple asset classes and the flexibility to reduce exposure during periods of extreme market volatility disruption, with a prime example being the current Coronavirus.

Green Wire Capital’s new Fund’s investment objective by investing primarily in underlying Exchange Traded Funds as well as derivatives to access a more diversified set of asset classes, including global equities and fixed income including Blue Chips, emerging markets and commodities.

Green Wire Capital’s Chief Risk Officer commented on the new Asset Allocation Fund saying “We have been working closely with our Tech department and we have developed the Fund as a flexible and diversified investment alternative to address investors’ concerns in these increasingly volatile markets.”

Green Wire Capital’s Chief Risk Officer also added “Diversified portfolios is a good stepping stone, but we believe there is additional opportunity in today’s markets to manage portfolio volatility and enhance returns. As we have seen over the last few months, the COVID-19 outbreak has halted global stock markets, and it is exactly in times like this where diversification is essential for a balanced portfolio.”

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