Structured Strategic Capital outline investment strategy post COVID-19

Structured Strategic Capital of Tokyo today announced its investment strategy after analysis of the global stock markets during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Online PR News – 29-May-2020 – HONSEKICHO/TOKYO – Structured Strategic Capital held an Executive Board Meeting last week outlining its financial strategy with commodities investment playing a major role in Structured Strategic Capital’s investment decisions.

Structured Strategic Capital will now focus on asset competencies of gold, rare earth minerals and precious metals.

Structured Strategic Capital’s Chief Financial Officer explained in great detail about the new strategy saying “Our decision to focus on precious metals, minerals and commodities will result in Structured Strategic Capital creating a trading floor dedicated for commodities.”

Structured Strategic Capital’s Chief Financial Officer also added “The Coronavirus outbreak has showed us that commodities are the sector of choice. The decision to refocus our commodities business is based on monitoring this asset class over the last 3 months and it has maintained stability and our analysts predict that the commodities sector will continue to remain stable for some time.”

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