Alliance Strata Management set to launch new personalized Trading Platform

Alliance Strata Management today announced they plan to launch a new personalized Trading Platform by the end of the year

Online PR News – 27-May-2020 – TAITO-KU/TOKYO – Alliance Strata Management’s new trading platform will aim to deliver offshore funds at slightly below the market price and will allow private investors to research, follow, monitor and set email alerts for each investors preferred stocks or asset classes.

Alliance Strata Management’s Chief Technology Officer commented on the new platform saying “Our new Platform will have no lock in periods and our private clients can invest as and when they want. The new Platform will also offer private clients access to an unrivalled selection of offshore mutual funds, pension schemes, tax planning and other structured financial products.”

Alliance Strata Management’s Chief Technology Officer also added “We were planning to launch the new Fund in June, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have had to pull the plug until the markets regain some stability. The plan is to go live around mid-November so we are fully operational and bug free for the new year. Currently, we are testing and ironing out any issues before we go live.”

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Since our inception, Alliance Strata Management have established core principles and a corporate governance structure conducive to sustainable and responsible growth, with our investment strategies derived from comprehensive research, detailed analysis and our expert knowledge on markets from experience and understanding. Investing across a range of asset classes, constructing a diversified and productive portfolio, and balancing risk and return, we aim to deliver long-term security and prosperity.

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