Aasani Rolls Out Innovative Hosted VoIP Solution

Our Innovative white label solution is designed for any organization regardless of their place in the industry from start ups to large enterprises.

Online PR News – 27-May-2020 – Nashville TN – While companies once relied on traditional land-based lines and costly equipment to conduct business by phone, those days are far behind us. The digital age has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, and phones have not been left out of the mix. Calls can now be carried out using voice over Internet protocol, or as it’s more commonly known, VOIP. But some VoIP network services still require extensive hardware to be purchased upfront, and have scalability limitations as a result.

Hosted phone systems are different, because they offer businesses of all sizes a way to reap the benefits of PBX (News - Alert) functionality and acquire a sophisticated phone system without the need for costly hardware. All the necessary equipment is housed and maintained at another location by the service provider, giving businesses the freedom they need to expand their reach. This freedom from hardware on site also allows businesses using a hosted phone system to work from just about anywhere and still remain connected to the office’s network. Whether it’s from home, a hotel, or a moving vehicle, employees using a hosted phone system can work without geographical restrictions.

But besides the initial cost savings and location flexibility for employees on the move or working remotely, a hosted phone system can offer many other surprising benefits. For instance, if a company wants to give the appearance of being local in cities where there are no physical facilities, a hosted phone system allows that company to add on local phone numbers to its roster, wherever it needs them. In other words, hosted phone systems can add a “virtual presence” for a company in any city around the world and help it branch out into new areas easily and cost effectively.

There are a number of ways a company can choose to implement a hosted phone system. Many hosted phone system providers, like BroadConnect Telecom, offer their services as a bundle with VoIP services, so that the whole system can be run over one centralized service. With VoIP, companies can also choose to use computer programs that simulate business telephones from employees’ desktops, called soft phones, rather than using actual telephones. This can cut down on equipment and streamline the process.

Another option that hosted phone systems offer companies is the use of mobile devices on the network, such as for remote workers, and smartphone apps that allow employees’ phones to function the same way a business phone would.

On the flipside, if a company felt that it wanted to keep its landlines, whether for emergency purposes or simply a matter of preference, a hosted phone system provider can forward calls to the existing telephone lines. While keeping landlines on top of a hosted phone system can be more costly, it’s an option to those who prefer it.

Ultimately, hosted phone systems have proven themselves to be an excellent way for businesses of all sizes to get the professional telephone network they want, while saving money and improving call quality, enabling vast geographical flexibility for employees, and giving themselves room to expand operations into new areas with the worry of physical presence or added hardware and equipment. In the modern age of communications, hosted phone systems will give any business an edge.

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