The Hatchatorium Group Has Taken A 46% Stake In Remark Holdings (Ticker Symbol $MARK)

We recently took a 46% stake in Remark Holdings.
We believe thermal imagine will be key to reopening the economy.
Remark is best in class in thermal imaging.

Online PR News – 27-May-2020 – Atlanta, Georgia – We have purchased a 46% stake in Remark Holdings, a leader in thermal imaging technology. Remark has an extensive list of clients and will be a leader in this field in the coming year.

We believe that thermal imaging will be a key component in reopening, not only the U.S. economy, but the worldwide economies. We have independently confirmed that they have over 85 contracts with major companies that will result in expansive growth and up to a 400% increase in revenue in the next 6 months.

We have also done extensive research in the field of thermal imaging technology, and have concluded that Remark has "best in class" technology in this field.

As a private equity and alternative investment hedge fund, we have determined that Remark Holdings will be a substantial part of our growth over the next year, and because of this, have taken steps to secure additional shares of the company in a bid to have a controlling interest in said company after a previous direct offering to Remark Holdings of $250 million to purchase the company, outright, was voted down by their board of directors. With this action, we have decided to pursue a potential hostile takeover of the company, and as such, have been purchasing common shares of MARK, resulting in our 46% stake. We estimate that Remark and all if its holdings are worth approximately $1.5 billion and feel that this reflects a share price closer to $26 as opposed to its current share price. This is an ongoing concern for us, and the 46% stake that we have announced is reflective of our position as of May 26, 2020. We are in the process of buying additional common shares, therefore the 46% stake is actually lower than our current position.

We are in the process of reporting all relevant filings regarding our share purchases, which is required by law and SEC rules. All relevant information and filings will be provided within 10 business days of this notice, and all questions should be sent to our corporate offices. This information can be found on our website at