KindyROO Launches Classes on Demand to Aid in Child Development at Home

Online classes are released weekly to engage parent and child in structured activities that can be accessed at their own time

Online PR News – 26-May-2020 – Singapore – Everyone feels the effects of being cooped up at home at some point of the lockdown. But for young children, the effects may be long-term, or even permanent. To ensure that children continue to meet their crucial developmental milestones while staying home, KindyROO launches a series of online programs with simple, structured, sensory-motor activities so that no child is left behind.

While KindyROO’s weekly physical sessions previously consisted of a neuro-developmental gym and neuro-based activities under the watchful eye of professional trainers, classes are now conducted in an online series – with the same eight core areas of development being targeted. KindyROO’s extensively-researched and well-structured program specializes in developing and integrating the eight core areas of development for optimal learning – vestibular, visual, auditory, speech, gross motor, fine motor, social and emotional, and cognitive. This is the first time that KindyROO’s classes are available online in its 40-year history.
Especially for children from zero to five years where the brain develops the fastest, achieving the eight areas of developmental milestones builds a solid foundation for learning and for future success.

Says Shee Hock Ai Ling, Director of KindyROO Singapore, “Compared to most online programs in Singapore that focus on the academic aspect, this program helps babies and young children to develop their brain foundation sequentially from lower brain to cortex. Under the KindyROO program, children move specifically and repetitively to strengthen their brain foundation which not only helps them perform better, but also aids them in times of high stress.”

Similar to a typical KindyROO class, each session consists of a variety of activities such as massage, doing exercises to music, dancing, using small equipment such as balls and rattles, and playing musical instruments. The exercises are kept simple and easy-to-follow, while everyday items can be modified into class tools, for instance, shaking a wooden spoon in a container to create a rattle.

One of the activities that can be easily done at home is “Tummy Time” which is suitable for newborns onwards. A KindyROO trainer demonstrates exercises that parents can do with their babies to give them ample time on their stomachs which will encourage healthy motor, sensory and visual development.

For parents whose own schedules have been upended by the current work-from-home situation and having to ensure that their child is properly engaged, KindyROO’s online classes introduce routine while keeping children active with development in mind. The class-on-demand sessions can be viewed during bonding time and repeated as many times as possible within the week such that the movements become naturally integrated into the child’s everyday life, which spells for even faster development.

KindyROO has 150 centres all over the world, testimony to their effectiveness and efficacy. In just a month after the launch of the online program in Australia, 4,000 parents have signed up to get these movement and development activities at home. To make developmental programs even more accessible, KindyROO Singapore is offering a promo price of $97 for a three-month package consisting of 12 lessons (U.P. $197). Videos are made available weekly on KindyROO’s online portal where past classes are also saved for the duration of the term. If practised daily, this means about $1 a day to help children get ahead on their developmental milestones and be ahead in their learning.

With the online platform, KindyROO is able to reach out to more children who previously did not have access to structured, neuro-based activities. It also frees up resources for KindyROO trainers to attend to parents who prefer a more in-depth and personalised service for their child – without having to leave their homes!

KindyROO’s online classes are based on age groups 0-5 months, 6-12 months, 13-18 months, 19-24 months, 25-30 months, 31-36 months, 37-48 months and 49 to 72 months.

All promotions are valid until further notice. Please contact or +65 8685 3527 to book.

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“Tummy Time” sample class video::

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About KindyROO Singapore
Founded in 2014, KindyROO Singapore is a child development program from Australia that specializes in enhancing learning abilities through neuroscience. It helps children develop their eight core areas of development for optimal learning through fun sensory-movement activities backed by scientific evidence. KindyROO aims to help children meet their developmental milestones and get ahead in their learning through classes that are divided into various age-appropriate stages which are held weekly.

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