Of Apples & Snakes Poetry Book: Voice of the Abused

Shrinking violet turned poetry activist to highlight the dangers of domestic abuse and why feminism is still needed in today's society.

Online PR News – 26-May-2020 – London, England – Of Apples & Snakes is a collection of feminist poetry about domestic abuse, women's rights, and raw emotions. The poetry is vivid, emotional, and built on raw frustration of what the author has experienced in her life. The book will be released on Amazon and available free on Kindle Unlimited on the 1st July 2020.

Sofia Vigo, the author, was in an extremely abusive relationship for just over a year. During that year she suffering physical, emotional and mental abuse at the hands of her ex-fiance, this torment led her into deep depression before she finally gained the courage to escape him. In order to recover and process what had gone on in their relationship, Sofia started to write poetry and songs in order to get her emotions down on paper and to gain some sort of understanding.
After having written a large collection of poetry, she decided to dedicate herself to writing a poetry book all about her experiences of domestic abuse and the justice system in the UK. On top of this having faced many issues regarding women's rights, she pushes for people to accept feminism and gender equality using her poetry to speak for her.