Reboot of Kerala Tourism Post Covid-19 | Heaven never shuts down

Recommendations by Dr. Maithily PR and Suresh Menon for immediate revival of the Kerala Tourism Industry Post Covid-19 accepted by the Kerala Tourism Minister

Online PR News – 24-May-2020 – Kerala, India – The Covid-19 outbreak has had a severe negative impact on the inbound tourism segment in the State of Kerala (God’s own Country), India. The Travel & Tourism industry is the biggest industry of the state and forms the backbone of its economy and the primary stimulant for social development and progress.

However, Kerala’s Travel & Tourism industry can wade through this turbulence and emerge a winner in the shortest possible time. A few revolutionary thoughts and measures that can be implemented have been proposed by two management consultants Dr. PR Maithily and Suresh Menon.

If God's own country is a paradise, a heaven, "Heaven Never Shuts Down" they say in a research paper that has been accepted b the Kerala Tourism Minister Mr. Kadakampally Surendran.

The authors suggest capitalizing on Kerala's efficient handling of the Covid-19 virus and its traditional health practices of enhancing the immunity of the human body to pathogens. "Not just the Covid-19 virus, the human body can be made immune to any viruses of the future too", they claim.

The paper suggests rebranding Kerala's tourism as a holistic and wholesome health destination, wherein tourists are offered various health packages targetted at increasing the immunity of their human bodies to pathogens. Healthy lifestyle corrections will be suggested for lifelong happiness and freedom from diseases. The paper suggests conversion of houseboats and nature resorts into wellness centres, with effective disinfection and sanitization measures built in, to enhance the acceptability of Kerala as a tourism destination. Kerala's vibrant tourism industry can get back on stream in less than a month.

An abstract of the paper and the 14 suggestions can be viewed at: