Head-Up Display Market Dynamics Influenced by Coronavirus

A closer look at the economic turmoil of Head-Up Display Market, with a focus on the recent COVID-19 pandemic disruptions.

Online PR News – 23-May-2020 – Pune – The Head-Up Display (HUD) is a projection of transparent display on windshield of the vehicle, with the basic information such as speed, temperature, rpm and etc., which is already available on dashboard of the vehicles. The HUD, earlier where use in aviation and military functions but as technology evolved most of the automobiles sectors started approaching this technology.

The head up means while driving the vehicle, the driver or person should always look up and straight ahead, instead of looking down or somewhere else. The most people checks there smartphone, radio and other things will driving. But, HUD displays, the important details on the windshield of the car, this help people to focus more and chances of accidents are also minimize.

The HUD technology will grow during the coming years as technology showing the rapid advancement. Looking at this growth, ‘Market Research Future’ recently released the market insights till 2022. According to this MRFR analysis, the global Covid-19 Analysis on Head-Up Display Market is expected to reach USD $11 billion and grow at CAGR of 24% during the predicted period.


Major of accidents happens due to low visibility condition while driving. This situations arise during winter, rainy, or night driving where the roads are hardly visible and weather conditions are unknown. The HUD technology is used to overcome this problems they provide the maps with the GPS navigations, displays alert signal any vehicle ahead on road. Guide in taking turns or moving left to right or warns the driver if vehicles goes in wrong directions. The vehicles like Audi A7, Mercedes S55 and GM, are offering joyful and safe ride for their consumer with help of HUD technology.

The automobile players like Hyundai, Land Rover and Jaguar are one step ahead in innovation of HUD technology, warning signals when the possibility of accidents, displaying the speed limit indication, and also turning the pertinent street signs. Thus, technology plays an important role in development of market.

Apart from this, improving standard of living and increase in disposable incomes are factors to fuel the growth of the market. The consumers are becoming more tech savvy and acceptable toward technologically advanced device that improve their driving skill and awareness for safety while driving this are some other factors that will boost the market growth in coming years.

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The industry for head-up display is fragmented into by type, by component, by application and regions. The type is divided into fixed-mounted and helmet-mounted head-up displays. The component is segment into combiner, video-generator and projector unit. The application further divided into automotive industry, military and civil aviation sector. The automotive industry will lead the market during the period, 2017-2022.

The regions are categorized on the basis of Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East & Africa. North America is estimated to hold the largest market share, because of increasing awareness about the safety systems to be installed in automobile and aircraft systems. Europe is in second position, due to the increasing demand of luxury or premium cars and SUV’s equipped with head-up display systems.


December 2017 – ‘Denso’ the leading automotive components supplier and manufacture in ‘japan’. They supplies the innovative components and systems to world’s major automakers. Recently they launch one of biggest Head up display (HUD) for the Lexus LS. The HUD display comes with amazing 24-inch projection, considering virtually it appears more then 2-3 meter ahead of car. With advance technology and sensors, it shows exactly where person is walking. Further the organization said that HUD is a key factor regarding safety feature in coming years.

Industry - Competitive Outlook

Key players are approaching new techniques in the head-up display industry. The same would improve market performance. Heavy investments are made by major players in the R&D sector.

The prominent players in the Covid-19 Analysis on Head-Up Display Market include Yazaki Corporation, Denso Corporation, Esterline Technologies Corporation, Micro Vision Inc. and Penny AB.