Not All Prayers Are Meant To Be Answers In Taylor Ri'chard's Latest Film, 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'

Filmmaker Taylor Ri'chard announces Gravitas Ventures and 3rd Fathom Films will release his latest horror film, 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' on June 2, 2020.

Online PR News – 22-May-2020 – 5/21/2020 - Atlanta, GA – 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' is the latest film to be released by Taylor Ri'chard of 3rd Fathom Films. The film is set in rural Louisiana where Devin (Collin Shephard) is forced to move and live with his grandmother. While adjusting to a slower pace of life than he had in Chicago, Devin meets two new friends Skylar (Alissa Hale) and Mick (Bryen Lenis). The rebellious trio decides to venture into a forbidden cave that is sworn to be haunted. Lodging inside the cave is a legendary demon, CAUCHEMAR. The legend claims he will grant wishes to those he encounters. As intriguing of an offer as this sounds, it does come with a price.

Devin, Skylar, and Mick awake the hellish demon to learn somethings just aren't meant to be understood. There are two sayings that have never been more true than in this story, "be careful what you wish for", and "when man plans, God laughs." Superstition, magic, and bad decisions lead Devin, Skylar, and Mick to the cave, but what will guide them back out of it? Who will survive?

'Hallowed Be Thy Name' is Taylor Ri'chard's second film. His first, 'The Final Project' released in 2016. Taylor is a huge fan of 80's horror, but he is creating his own path with an artistic style of Creole folklore. Taylor combines the horror genre with authentic folklore and southern gothic to unlock a history too chillingly real to deny. With several more projects in the works, Taylor is just getting warmed up!

On June 2, 2020 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' will release to all major digital platforms and cable including Comcast, Spectrum, AT&T Uverse, DIRECTV, Cox, Dish Network, Verizon, Frontier, iTunes, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft Store, FandangoNow, and Vimeo.

The DVD is also available for pre-order now at Target and Amazon.