FELIZ Consultancy Offers its First Internship

FELIZ Consulting is honored to be the first international company to be offering an internship.

Online PR News – 21-May-2020 – 22-May-2020 Hong kong – 24 April 2020, Hong Kong SAR. FELIZ Consulting announced their first internship opportunity for women through Internship Bank . The Internship Bank is a platform where female students at graduate or under graduate levelare provided internship opportunities for building the professional structure towards their future career path. FELIZ Consulting is honored to be the first international company to be offering an internship through Internship Bank to help mentor and guide young women in their career growth and development.

FELIZ is providing a Paid Internship, with the flexibility for work from home setup. Role of the intern shall be Marketing and Communications - aiming to assist clients in the legal and financial industries. While the proposed period of internship lasts between one to three months, the same is expected to start anytime during the months of June / August. This internship is an opportunity for proactive students or new graduates. Find more details regarding the internship such as the eligibility criteria, as well as the responsibilities of the intern candidate at the Internship Bank.

Before applying for this position, candidates should read Internship Bank #faq.hashtag #FAQs section which contains some implied terms of hashtag for questions and applications, please contact Debolina Saha Narayanan, Mansi Meena, Shubhaankar Ray and Alice Tsui or visit http://www.internshipbank.org.

About FELIZ Consulting

The FELIZ Consulting is a leading corporate training and executive coaching company based in Hong Kong, providing services particularly to legal and financial clients in the APAC region. FELIZ Consulting is committed to helping others grow and develop. We offer services such as career coaching, corporate training, presentational skills coaching and other professional skills trainings. Please visitour website at http://www.felizconsulting.comto know more about FELIZ Consulting.

"I am looking forward to having an intern with FELIZ Consulting this year! I believe this is an opportunity to mentor, share skills, give new experiences and grow together - and hopefully help the selected intern in a practical and meaningful ways to develop not only in her career but in her life".
Mônica Zionede Hall, Founder and CEO of FELIZ Consulting