AquaQ Analytics Releases TorQ DQS for kdb+

AquaQ Analytics is pleased to announce the release of TorQ DQS, a Data Quality System for kdb+.

Online PR News – 21-May-2020 – Belfast, Northern Ireland – AquaQ Analytics, the Belfast based product development and consultancy company, is pleased to announce the release of TorQ DQS, a Data Quality System for kdb+, as part of TorQ release 3.7.

TorQ DQS, which includes pre-defined data quality checks and user-defined data quality breach alerts, allows developers to easily set up customizable checks on the quality of their kdb+ data. Examples include table schema consistency checks for streaming data and the detection of data attribute anomalies, both of which can be parameterized by the developer.

Data Quality is integral to any analytics platform today and is of the utmost importance in ensuring that actions and decisions enacted off the back of models and algorithms can truly be trusted said Jonny Press AquaQ Analytics CTO. We are delighted to be able to release yet another addition to our TorQ Framework for our clients.

The system broadly consists of a Data Quality Checker component (DQC) and a Data Quality Engine component (DQE), with the results of the checks being stored to a results table. The results can be plugged into a client’s existing monitoring dashboards or can equally be plugged into a Grafana dashboard using AquaQ’s recently released Grafana Adaptor for kdb+.

TorQ DQS can be used to monitor data quality in a TorQ-based kdb+ setup or separately in an independent kdb+ setup.

To download TorQ DQS, which forms part of TorQ release 3.7, please see

An example DQS, running with data from the TorQ Financial Starter Pack, can be found here

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About AquaQ TorQ Framework for kdb+: TorQ is an open source framework for kdb+ released by AquaQ Analytics. TorQ forms the basis of a production ready data capture and analytics system, by implementing some core functionality and utilities on top of kdb+. TorQ significantly reduces the time-to-market of any kdb+ implementation. It incorporates best practice kdb+ system development, with particular focus on performance, process management, diagnostic information, maintainability and extensibility.

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