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CONFUSING INFO: The government Tells us that China masks are no good then show us a video how to make masks from old T-shirts.

Online PR News – 03-June-2020 – Tulsa Oklahoma – Midwest PPE, LLC. is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is 100% American owned and operated. We are a national company that provides a complete line of FDA certified products to prestigious hospitals and clinics. We are now offering the “hard to find” KN95 mask to businesses and the general public for the first time.

Our success is built upon our 15-year business relationships in Asia and our professional “on site” management team that oversees every international purchase and export to the USA. Our experienced customs and import brokers verify all documents to insure we have “no issues” in the import process. We strive to make the process of purchasing PPE internationally trouble free, professional and seamless. Most special orders can be delivered in less than weeks. We check and double check our manufacturers are authorized FDA organizations.

Our Los Angeles based fulfillment center receives all our orders within hours of arriving at LAX airport. These orders are immediately expedited to their final destination.

We are a real company that is dedicated to quickly providing authentic FDA certified products to healthcare, first responders, businesses and now the general public.

You see it on the news “save the masks for health care workers.”
You see it on the news “there are many counterfeit face masks.”
What do you do?
The face mask “Made in China” is what China used to stop the spread of the corona virus in its tracks. But the FDA & CDC through its reporting of testing started a confusing rumor the KN95 masks were no good. They did not meet US standards in testing. Yet the FDA & CDC recommends you make a mask from old T-shirts. I am sorry, but that is where they lost their credibility with me.

Do not be fooled. The KN95 mask manufactured at legitimate China Factories sometimes are as good as an N95 mask made in the USA. It does not have to pass stringent FDA & CDC or hospital regulations to provide you better protection for your business and family than a T-shirt does. Buy KN95 masks and save the N95 masks for health care workers and medical first responders.

Where to Buy KN95 Masks

There are some companies like Midwest PPE, LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma, importing KN95 masks approved by the FDA for general public use from a factory out of China.

IN STOCK NOW… Midwest PPE, LLC has 70,000 KN95 face masks in stock at a fulfillment warehouse in Los Angeles, California, ready to ship in 24 hours to anywhere in the USA. You can purchase these at their website midwestppe.com for as low as $3.

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What Works?

Nothing provides 100% protection from particles the size that has to be viewed under an electron microscope. Show me a mask that filters 95% covid-19 100% of the time at an estimated size of 0.12 microns and I will show you someone who suffocates.

There is a lot of confusing information out there about what works.. A cloth face mask has almost zero chance of stopping the covid-19 virus from passing through. Even the tightest weave allows 0.12 micron particles to pass through. It is the holes in the cloths weave that allow the tiny virus particles to pass. One way to test your mask is to fill it with water. The less water that falls out, the more protection you will have.

Does Cloth Face Masks Help?

The FDA & CDC recommends you use homemade cloth face masks for protection when they know very well the cloth stops very little if any of the Corona Virus from entering. What it does is limit the amount of water and mucous droplets from leaving the mouth; any mask at all will help some to prevent the spread of the virus. FDA & CDC has to say something but does always make it clear their reasoning behind it, it is all about politics. They do not want the public using up reserves of the much better option being the N95 which is needed for health care workers and medical first responders.

KN95 is a Good Alternative

The FDA & CDC has rejected many Chinese approved factories because they are not up to US standards of the N95. But even 35% protection they are rejecting is many times more effective than a cloth T-shirt. They know this and that is why they have now relaxed their control on what is allowed to be imported for use by the public.

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working diligently to mitigate any potential shortages in the supply chain and taking action to assure health care personnel on the front lines have sufficient supplies of respiratory protective devices. The FDA concluded, based on the totality of scientific evidence available, that certain imported respirators that are not National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)-approved are appropriate to protect the public health or safety.”
SOURCE: https://www.fda.gov/

Counterfeit Masks
There are people / low life’s peddling low quality products claiming it is of much higher quality than it is or claiming it is something it is not. Do not confuse KN95 masks that are being advertised correctly by retailers as counterfeits. A counterfeit mask would be where someone tries to sell you a KN95 mask claiming it is the N95. These people are breaking the law.

Masks with Valves

Face masks with valves protect the wearer from everyone else but does nothing to protect anyone around them. The valves were a design originally for coal miners to filter out particles and allow the workers to breathe out freely. The valve filters the air coming in but then allows 100% of what you breathe out to pass.

How to Wear a Face Mask

• Do not use mask if someone is having trouble breathing
• Be sure it fits snugly
• Be sure the straps are secured
• It should cover the mouth and nose completely
• Do not use mask in place of social distancing
• Remove the mask by the straps
• Do Not Touch the outer mask
• If you touch the outside of the mask sanitize your hands

Letter from the President of Midwest PPE, LLC.

My name is Hoby Ferrell and I am president and founder of Midwest PPE, LLC. I am proud to offer services that provide much needed and potentially life-saving FDA certified products for healthcare, first responders, businesses and NOW the general public. We deal with prestigious organizations throughout the USA. We have many PPE products in stock, but can quickly ship nearly any PPE product on short notice.

My company’s domestic and international staff works tirelessly to provide an overwhelmingly positive experience and has the knowledge to make your purchase a success. We literally visit every manufacturer and personally review all relevant documents, negotiate for only the best products and oversee the production and final shipping process on every order. We substantiate this with “on-site” photo verification and site inspections. Our experienced professional customs and import brokers clear all documents before the product is shipped to prevent any last-minute issues. Our fulfillment center is the “best in the business” and makes the successful delivery of your order a priority—whether it is $60 order or $1 Million.

If you allow us the opportunity to assist you—you will not regret your decision.

Hoby Ferrell, President
Midwest PPE, LLC.
2501 East 15th Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

(918) 582-5025

“Midwest PPE has provided excellent customer service and products that have allowed us to stay open during this pandemic. We could not have done it without them!”

Heidi P.
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