Retired Wolf Breeder and Popular Canadian Solo Act Launch Gaming Tournament Site

Two unlikely best friends turned business partners launch new gaming tournament website.

Online PR News – 20-May-2020 – Pittsburgh, PA – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Pittsburgh, PA May 11, 2020: Two unlikely friends from Pittsburgh, PA have launched a new gaming website dedicated solely to online gaming tournaments. From best friends to business partners, Pete Musher and Atticus Harper of Nova-Scotia began brainstorming the idea of connecting gamers socially through their favorite games in 2017, and have officially launched their website,, in 2020.

“We both played video games from a young age, starting with the NES. We both agree that the best part of gaming is the social aspect of it, so we decided to create a community for gamers. Our slogan is ‘Game. Connect. Win.’. Play your games, connect with other gamers and teams, and win prizes in our tournament section.”
- Pete Musher, Co-Founder

Players can sign up to compete against others for a chance at winning their favorite games, and connect with other players on the website. With people finding any way to connect with others during their time in quarantine, GamersBooklet furloughs the issue of finding people that enjoy certain games just as much as they do, and connect with them from the safety of their home. Connect with GamersBooklet on their various social medias.