Brookes Moscow International School announces another breakthrough initiative in distance learning

Brookes Moscow IB International School announces another breakthrough initiative in distance learning of Year 12-13 students from Russia and around the world.

Online PR News – 20-May-2020 – Moscow, Russia – Brookes Moscow wants to help those IB DP students who have been displaced because of COVID-19 through our distance learning program or at our campus in Moscow. Those students who have started the IB DP or were scheduled to start the IB DP next school year, we are here to help.

The essence of the initiative is to present a distance education program for the Diploma program, namely:

* Year 13 students in Russia who need a school to attend next year to complete the DP
* Year 13 students anywhere in the world who need to complete the DP through distance learning
* Year 12 students anywhere in the world who need to start their DP either in Russia (they would come to our school) or through distance learning

Brookes Moscow has shown outstanding results in deploying a distance learning system. The active use of a set of software products, such as ManageBac from IB, solutions included in the G Suite for Education package, such as Google Meet and cloud data storage, Enterprise Zoom plan, and Kognity online textbooks that allow for a complete educational process, regardless of the location of students and teachers. As shown by surveys of the level of satisfaction that the school conducts on a regular basis, more than 70% of Year 7-11 students (IB MYP 1-5) rated the quality of the distance learning provided as “very good and excellent”, and the level of attendance at lessons with distance learning turned out to be higher than full-time attendance and exceeded 91%. The outstanding successes of the school were noted by community members, inviting Brookes Moscow as an expert in online discussions, where the school shares its best practices and experience in organizing high-quality distance learning.

If you want to learn more about the distance learning opportunities of the Brookes Moscow Graduate Program for students from anywhere in the world, contact our admissions team: who will provide you with further information and put you in touch with our Academic Dean, Rick Lewis, should you have further questions.

We believe the educational benefits from this global situation through our distance learning program will last with our students forever. As they extend their approaches to learning skills such as thinking, communication and self-management, distance learning only enriches the educational process as the students progress through their school years and beyond.

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