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Online PR News – 13-November-2009 – – USA Palm Beach 11/12/2009 The Christian Council on Education, Inc. (herein C.C.E.) and its Certified Trainers Division announces Accreditation/Certification Status for all Faith-Based Organizations that qualify and desire to start their own Academy, Seminary, Bible Institute, College, etc. or just to successfully expand their Grace of the Gospel Study Programs. C.C.E. is an Accreditation Collegial Council College of the Christian Doctrine Arts & Letters ( Bishop & Council Of Ministers) Under Private Auspice of Its Methods Of Administration In Strict Compliance As To Its Administrative/Functional Purpose For Which It Was Incorporated Under and By Virtue Of Noted Statute Of Legislative Law: reg:rec:filed:inc: nonprofit:reg:# 0100579534 Eccleasial Education only. Our Authentic bona fide Certified Trainers Division Staff Credentials are certified and authorized by the Board of Examiners, Dept. of Education, to administrate, supervise, and coordinate over 950+ certified occupational training programs. Staff Credentials receive formal recognition and has served in relationship/ participation to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, State Depts. of Labor, Dept. of Education, the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training, (BAT); Business, Industry, and Labor. All studies include Ecclesiastical Education.
Our Certified Trainers Division assist’s all organizations in the following: Technical Assistance, Cooperative Industrial Education, School-to-work linkage, Briefings & Seminars,Career connections, Work-based education Advisement/Guidance, Welfare-to-work training, Job development, Coordination/Supervision, Youth Apprenticeship, Employment Search, Administration/ Consultant ship, Pre-apprenticeship, Job-placement, Apprenticeship & Training, Internships & etc. Opportunities for your organization are endless in assisting the unemployed, underemployed, and soon-to-be jobless toward a life of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. We are up-dating our website continuously:
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So, if you Are a Legally "Ordained" Minister, Reverend, Clergyman/Clergywoman then you are invited to become a "Member" of our Prestigious, Respected, Collegial Council University Club!
If you are not "Legally Ordained", then let us here at the Christian Council legally Ordain "YOU" under the prestigious, respected, banner of the Christian Council on Education, Inc.
Easy Steps for Prestigious University Club membership:
a. We will send you an application to fill in
b. Return application so we may file & register your name
After you are accepted You receive "verification & proof" in a prestigious Letter of Acceptance from our Christian Council.
The Christian Council on Education, Inc. will confirm to all whom may request that "YOU" are a prestigious, respected, "Collegial Council University Club Member"
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