Moments Hospice provides dedicated COVID-19 care teams to help prevent the spread of the virus

Moments Hospice sets out to help Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities in preventing the spread of COVID-19 with dedicated teams in MN and WI.

Online PR News – 14-May-2020 – Golden Valley, Minnesota – Moments Hospice continues to provide dedicated COVID-19 care teams to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Starting in early April, Moments Hospice became an early adopter of having a team dedicated specifically to care for COVID-19 patients and to help prevent the spread of the virus. More than ever, as hospice providers, we need to be proactive with our patients and families we serve to make as many safe visits as we can. Not only is the goal to increase quality of life of those we serve, but also this provides extra support to our Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) and Assisted Livings partners. With the needed CDC visitation restriction protocols in place to protect our seniors, our SNF and Assisted Living partners have an increased volume of calls and emails from families who are longing to connect with and gain updates about their loved ones. Moments Hospice provides that extra layer of care and communication needed to assist our partners in care.

Our dedicated COVID-19 teams average a minimum of 3 hours each day with suspected/confirmed COVID-19 patients and include a full Interdisciplinary team, consisting of a: Nurse, Nurse’s Aide, Social Worker, Chaplain, Music and Massage Therapists. “We feel that by offering all of our disciplines, that this gives the resident, family and facility staff the optimal support needed during COVID-19” Stated Eli Jaffa, Co-Owner and Administrator of Moments Hospice.

We follow and take the proper precautions as outlined by the CDC, Federal, State and Facility/Community Partner guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, utilizing all required PPE. Our COVID-19 Team will only see patients with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. To ensure that our COVID-19 Team members can spend the extra time and care needed on a daily basis, their case loads are lowered into single digits. For those facilities that have protocols that will not allow in some of our team members (example; Social Worker, Chaplain, etc.) to see patients, we utilize a world renowned HIPPA-compliant TeleHealth system that allows for us to complete virtual visits and conduct remote patient monitoring.

Our TeleHealth system also allows for the family to download a HIPPA-compliant caregiver application on their smart phone or tablet, with the ability to virtually visit with their loved one our Social Worker and Chaplain are providing emotional and spiritual care to families daily, along with providing updates on how they’re doing. This has positively impacted the facility staff to be able to focus their time to care for their residents.

“We’ve seen amazing results through four plus weeks of having these dedicated COVID-19 teams. Our Hospitalization rate is 0% with our COVID-19 patients, meaning that we have not had a single patient that’s had suspected of confirmed case of COVID-19 be hospitalized while on our services.” said Kevin Stock, Vice President of Moments Hospice.

Moments Hospice is a local family owned business covering most of Central and Southern Minnesota, as well as the greater Duluth area. They’ve recently opened new locations in Western Wisconsin and Des Moines, IA.

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