Globussoft Announces Work From Home For 90% Of Its Employees In This Pandemic

Globussoft plans to implement work from home for 50% of its workforce in the upcoming years. See the detailed information about the company’s decision.

Online PR News – 13-May-2020 – Bhilai, Chhattisgarh – Globussoft Technologies, Central India’s one of the leading IT employer companies, announces its plan to steadily transit to a hybrid operating model. It primarily includes implementing work from home for both the offices (Bhilai - Headquarter & Bengaluru - Branch Office) and significantly looking up to reduce the amount of time its employees spend in office in upcoming years.

The company’s top executives said, “Safety, health, and wellbeing of our employees are of paramount importance. Over the past several weeks, Globussoft has taken a series of preventive measures to protect the employees from the coronavirus outbreak.”

“Considering the quickly evolving situation, beginning Wednesday, March 18th, employers advised the employees to start working from home wherever feasible, without hampering their ongoing tasks,“ they further added.

Globussoft Management states, “It will never be 100/100 again.”

Since March, more than 90% of Globussoft employees have shifted to a remote work model and are putting their best steps forward in delivering the top-class features to their clients all across the globe. Globussoft’s CEO, Sumit Ghosh says that the Bhilai-HeadQuartered Company is challenging itself to see if it can achieve a 50/50 workforce in the upcoming years. As it is how India needs to build its future infrastructure, he added.”

What is Globussoft’s Safeguard Workplace Operational Model?

Globussoft manages to move its 90% of employees successfully to WFH practices during the complete lockdown in the country. To handle the employee productivity ratio, Globussoft’s CEO implemented EmpMonitor | All-In-One remote team management software.

It seems that the implemented software has become a strong platform for employees to boost their productivity and reach employer expectations while they work from home.

EmpMonitor is a powerful cloud-based productivity monitoring software, meant to track and increase employee productivity and maintain a safe work environment (especially for the remote workforce).

Special features -

Shows detailed analytics of employee total productive and non-productive hours.
Helps to analyze efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, and focus with insight charts of teams as well as individuals.
Allows capturing screenshots automatically of employee systems at different intervals of time as per the requirement.
Provides the complete detailed browser tracking history of every employee, each single visited website, page title, and how many times a single website is visited.
Top applications and websites visited the amount of time spent on each site.
Every keystroke your employee types on the monitored computer is logged.

Further, one of the company’s executive persons stated, “EmpMonitor software helps to manage cybersecurity in the best possible way, ensuring appropriate management practices to make sure that there is no compromise in the project quality and helps protect our company from data breaches.”

About Globussoft

Globussoft is a competitive and fast-moving business with a heritage of more than a decade in the corporate industry. Stating the motto of technology ahead of time, the company is committed to providing a versatile and mature application development strategy and customized business methodologies and terminology to satisfy the customers' requirements.