COVID 19 Is the Biggest Contributor to Reshaping the Future of the Tech World

COVID 19 has brought revolutionary changes in the technology world, changes that are here to stay.

Online PR News – 12-May-2020 – New York, US, May 12, 2020 – COVID-19 has brought a revolutionary change in how technology used to function. Since the whole world is locked inside of their houses, the only source they rely on now is technology.

Take an example of zoom or slack or ms teams. Would it have been easy to run your business during this lockdown, if it weren’t for these applications?
From buying groceries to medicines, there’s an application for all. You can get all items delivered to your doorstep in just one click.

Technology has never played such an essential role in our lives before.
And all the comfort the technologies have provided individuals makes it challenging to go back to normal even after the lockdown ends.

COVID 19 has changed a lot if we look in terms of technology.

Firstly, the pandemic proved that total dependence on human labor makes it impossible to run an economy smoothly. AI surpasses human jobs.
Scientific predictions have estimated that we might have to deal with this situation for another two years, and there is no guarantee that this pandemic will not return in 10 or 20 years down the line. So there might be a need to accelerate AI jobs to replace the roles of humans that could be risky for them to continue in this epidemic.

Secondly, Distance working has to be the new normal. Jobs that allow individuals to work remotely would become more efficient in the coming times. According to studies, technology has more scope of growth if the future is remote.

The only way to stop the virus from spreading is to stay at home. And that has been only possible with the support of technology. This would be the norm soon too. Technological advancement has to take over if the economy has to keep running. Working with technology or applications makes it easy for humans to work from home.

Thirdly, a Contactless interface will be the priority. Even if the COVID 19 spread is over, individuals will be more cautious in terms of going out and meeting people. Since the virus can be spread through droplets, humans will want minimum interaction with other individuals to reduce the risk. The future can bring a higher possibility of the contactless interface.

Hestabit has made it happen even in the first month of quarantine. Working remotely, developing efficient AI technologies and contactless interfaces-- Hestabit has done it all. The growth Hestabit technologies have been able to showcase is both surprising and confusing. Bringing revolutionary advancements in the technology field is applaudable. What companies have been struggling to do even in normalcy, Hestabit has done in remote working.

The quarantine is proof that technology is the only way to keep the economy and our homes running in this challenging time. It plays the most significant role in dealing with the challenges this pandemic has bestowed us with and in preparing us for what’s coming next.
COVID 19 sure will reshape the priorities of organizations; they will have to invest more in contactless digital alternatives, cloud infrastructure, and telehealth.

Technology will undoubtedly take a toll in the near future and will overpower all the current frameworks of how the world functions. So to keep an organization running, you would have to enhance the technology you use.

This could be a task if an organization is not used to working remotely, for that independent developers can be hired. These developers hold excellent skills, experience, professionalism and knowledge of technologies. Independent developers are the future of application development. The smooth, hassle-free and convenient application can be built avoiding all human contacts by hiring independent developers to work on your technology.

Seeing the way technology has changed drastically, an independent developer is the need of the hour.

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