Grow your business: 100 stories of success by NGO Earth Agent

NGO Earth Agent will be releasing a book with 100 unique success stories from established people.

Online PR News – 10-May-2020 – Los Angeles, CA – In the worlds current state with the COVID-19 virus running rampant, businesses have been impacted hard to say the least. During this time of quarantine it may be unsettling to handle but with this silence, aspiring business owners and others who want to learn how to enhance their professional careers have a great chance to do so. “100 Recipes of Success from Scratch” a book created by NGO Earth Agent gives them that chance.

The book, set to release in May of 2020, will be Part 1 to a series of books published by World Business Learning. This 1st installment contains personal stories from Lawyers, Doctors, CEO’s and other professional successful people. Speeches from Los Angeles’ number one law firm are included in the book as well.

100 Recipes of Success from Scratch is worth the read to gain a new perspective that can benefit in the form of personal success for the reader. The stories being shared are not all from the same demographic however. The book shows true evidence that anyone can achieve success. The book shares that there is no “one way” to achieve success but rather it is a mindset and it is definitely a worthy read.

Upon reading the book, readers will leave gaining a new perspective. The quarantine can become not a time of sorrow but a time of peace, positivity, and a time to slow down and plan for the future.