Greenshine New Energy Gives Back to the Navajo Nation in an Act of Charity

The solar lighting company helps out Native American communities when the need for help calls.

Online PR News – 08-May-2020 – Lake Forest, CA – In an act of selfless charity, Greenshine New Energy has risen to the call to help out Native American communities in the time of crisis. The Navajo Nation, a community that spans a tri-state area, has been in dire need of supplies and food with the recent shortages that have arisen due to COVID-19. The Construction in Indian County (CIIC) recently called out to regular event and function attendees to assist in rejuvenating the Navajo Nation, and Greenshine’s sales team came to the rescue.
“Greenshine saw that one of our First Peoples communities was in desperate need of some of the most basic supplies to survive,” Scott Douglas, president of Greenshine New Energy, said.” The Navajo Nation and surrounding communities have been big supporters of Greenshine New Energy and solar lighting technology over the years. The Greenshine team felt strongly that we needed to answer this call to action immediately, do our part, and provide some of these critical supplies.”
CIIC has partnered with the Navajo Housing Authority to provide a donation warehouse to ship out supplies to the most crucial areas, and Greenshine was glad to be a major part of the effort. The solar lighting company has had close relationships with Native American communities because of their dedication to providing extremely cost-effective, green-energy outdoor lighting solutions for remote communities and reservations for Native Americans. This is just another way to demonstrate the dedication and commitment the company has shown over the years in being an ally to Native American communities, not only for lighting, but for well-being

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