Nicky Dare's Guide to Pandemic Survival' is an Enlightening Read during the Ongoing Lockdown

Advocate for Disaster Preparedness, Nicky Dare recently released book, 'Dare's Guide to Pandemic Survival', a compelling assortment of articles focusing on ...

Online PR News – 08-May-2020 – Los Angeles, CA – Advocate for Disaster Preparedness, Nicky Dare recently released her book, 'Dare's Guide to Pandemic Survival', a compelling assortment of articles focusing on specific issues which you and your family may be facing and hope to bring solutions to your current challenges during the lockdown. As a corporate coach in change management since her early twenty's, the book is to empower your ability to manage your stressful situation.
Dare's Guide to Pandemic Survival is the practical guide for solutions to change your life during the lockdown. This book reveals practical easy-to-read-and-understand tips and resources how you can have the ability to master your circumstances and get over it all. This survival guide is all about creative and practical ideas that will bring hope, joy and inspiration in such dire times. At the home front, we are facing new challenges. Now that the entire world is in a lockdown situation, many of us are stuck and confined within our homes. We all are seeking for solutions to cope with it because life has to go on. We have to learn to adapt to these new normalities in our lives and make the most of the time. The book is a motivation introspection teaching us to take control of what you can during global lockdown by first empowering your ability to manage your stressful situation. Once you start managing your stressful situation, you can start to embrace the time spent with the family in that closed environment, irrespective of how long it may take.
The year 2020, March to be specific saw the advent of the COVID-19 virus that took the entire global population under its destructive clutches. There have been abrupt changes implemented by government bodies to curb the merciless exploitation of the virus across communities. We are seeing chaos and panic everywhere around the world, hearing the sad news of how deadly virus has taken many lives. The stock market index and economic states of countries have taken a significant fall and the graph is going downwards with each passing day. Schools were closed, and businesses were directing their employees to work remotely from home. People have managed to survive on basic necessities and emergency resources only as authorities ordered everyone to stay in the safety of their own homes maintaining social distancing. This also led to global chaos with questions of uncertainty and survival uprooting everyone's daily purpose and objectives with life. This meant a direct impact on our mental health and the confined state of living for days on end has brought about a collective cry of sabotaged survival.
The virus has changed the system of the world and services within just days of its emergence. A global virus that keeps us contained in our homes for months is already reorienting our relationship to the outside world, socially, culturally, economically. It is going to require a coordinated joint effort, not just locally, regionally, nationally, or just one country but in a global cooperative effort like this world has never seen.
The book focuses on how to sustain through these abrupt changes during this global epidemic where we should not be mobilizing resources, instead we should proactively be prepared already. Our world is changing and it is changing rapidly. We must be able to adapt and sustain ourselves from these changes culturally, socially, economically, and environmentally. Nicky Dare, who is also the author of 'Safety and Survival' (2018) motivates readers to quit worrying about the pandemic and start enjoying quality time with their loved members of the family in 'Dare's Guide to Pandemic Survival'. Go into her website at to know more about her book and how to get a copy of this inspirational guide to mental and physical sustainability.