New Remote Work Program to Assist Young Adults by NGO Earth Agent

NGO Earth Agent will be launching a new program to offer free housing to young adults pursuing their dream careers in Hollywood.

Online PR News – 07-May-2020 – Los Angeles, California – NGO Earth Agent is proudly announcing a new program, "Remote Work Company." This is an innovative concept for remote work where NGO Earth Agent hires young adults in their dream field and supports them to pursue their career free from uncertainty.

In this program, “Remote Work Company,” NGO Earth Agent provides free housing to young creatives chasing their dream of a career in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Internships and other work opportunities will be offered to participants of the program so that they can build connections within the industry and learn the job by shadowing and/or working with industry professionals. Many of their expenses, such as rent, utility, and Wi-Fi, will be covered. They also receive a salary of 10k+ every month, based on their work/position. Any young adults who complete this program will be given the apartment after 10 years. In total, upon completion of this program, participants will have received housing, job experience, employment, and connections within the industry.

It’s an unfortunate fact that 70% of U.S. citizens who move to Hollywood are forced to walk away from their dream job due to financial hardship. This program allows young adults to clear many of the hurdles the prevent them from focusing on their career by offering them grants of $10k or more.
As technology marches on, the old paradigms are slowly being rendered obsolete. Work from home jobs are on their way to becoming the exception instead of the rule, and NGO Earth Agent is fully prepared to take advantage of this trend. Why continue paying for office spaces when we can use that money finance the living spaces of America’s next generation of creators and entertainers? Upon completion of the program, if the participants do not like their apartment, NGO Earth Agent will purchase the apartment from them or help them acquire loans for a new place of residence.