Raising A Puppy In Quarantine? Try These Tips From A Dog Trainer To Raise The Perfect Family Dog

Our current times bring unique challenges to new puppy parents. Use these tips to raise a well-rounded family dog while you’re in quarantine.

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May 1, 2020

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Quarantine means more time at home, and many people have taken advantage of this opportunity to raise a new puppy. While it’s wonderful to have more time to spend with your new family member, these times present new challenges, from social distancing, making puppy socialization impossible, to an increased risk of separation anxiety when life goes back to normal.

Positive reinforcement dog trainer Karen Cohen has some special tips for puppy parents raising a family dog in quarantine.

Socializing your puppy while they’re young can help them learn to feel comfortable around different types of people. However, with social distancing guidelines, it can be difficult to expose your puppy to new friends.

Karen Cohen advises taking your puppy for fun walks in your neighbourhood. Getting them outside as soon as possible is very important to mental development. Bring plenty of treats and make sure your puppy has an enjoyable time. You may not be able to bring your puppy within six feet of strangers, but they’ll still develop a positive association towards people, even if they never directly interact.

She also suggests teaching your puppy to be alone by having them spend time in their crate or in a separate room.

“Start with just five minutes and increase that time by a few minutes each day,” says Cohen. “You can get some work done, or maybe cook dinner without your puppy underfoot, and your puppy will learn that it’s not the end of the world when you leave their sight. By the time you go back to work, your puppy will be comfortable with being alone, so there won’t be such a difficult adjustment period.”

“It’s also a great time to sign up for virtual dog training. Many of my dog training clients have been loving the switch to Zoom meetings. They can learn to train on their schedule, and afterwards, they get a recording of the session that they can review anytime.”

Puppy parents can sign up for a free 30-minute consultation at HealthyHoundz.com/virtual-training/.

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Founded by Karen Cohen, Healthy Houndz is a positive dog training company that utilizes humane, force-free training methods. Inspired by her first dog, Bear the Bouvier, she found that the dominance-based, “alpha” theory style dog training of the past did not work well for sensitive dogs, and often created a needless power struggle between dogs and their families. After switching to science-based, force-free training methods, she found that dogs are quick to please and excited to learn when they feel safe and comfortable, especially when they can work for food and environmental rewards. For the past ten years, Cohen has been working with professionals and families to raise happy, well-mannered dogs. Based in Toronto, Healthy Houndz offers private, in-home training services to local clients and virtual private dog training for clients around the world.


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