Access Consultancy provide online support for foreign businesses in Bulgaria

The COVID-19 crisis has brought new challenges to European businesses, but opening a company or recruitment in Bulgaria are not among them.

Online PR News – 07-May-2020 – Bulgaria – The COVID-19 crisis has brought new challenges to European businesses, but opening a company of foreigners in Bulgaria or the recruitment of new team members are not among them. The consultants of Access Consultancy will prepare the documents and get the registration of the company done so you can start working even in the situation of closed borders and cancelled flights.
In order to find a company in Bulgaria and foresee the steps necessary for this, you just call the company and they will take care of everything.
Access Consultancy work entirely online, recruiting and assisting businesses to transform under the new coronavirus pandemic conditions. Due to the restrictions announced throughout Europe, consultants monitor the situation and advise employers to find the best solution.
As "online" is the keyword for most of us, Bulgaria based consultants implement Public Relations tools to support their clients to improve their visualization and make them recognizable. "Most importantly, in the changing business world improving your online presence will keep the trust of the people who work for you and that of your contractors, because now all of us - business owners, employees, customers, and job seekers are online", Rositsa Velikova, Managing consultant at Access Consultancy said.
Bulgarian consulting company suggest managers and business owners anticipate the next steps to rebuilding a business after the situation calms down and after reducing restrictions. Then the business might need not just to be rebuilt but probably it will need to be pointed in a whole new direction. Leaders need to take the opportunity to reinvigorate their teams by imagining a successful future and leveraging trust as a catalyst to get there, Rositsa Velikova added.
Remote work, self-discipline, the crisis can all be factors in building a strong team to drive business up in the new environment. Businesses may need to get rid of some of their employees, but they should attract those who have outside-the-box thinking, speak languages to keep up with world news and analysis, adapt quickly and learn. Access consultancy work with their clients to work around their circumstances, find complex personalities with the creativity and knowledge needed for successful after- coronavirus business.