Continued Bio-Medical Engineering Support Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

Assistance with medical engineering duties is available to health care organisations during this period of uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online PR News – 05-May-2020 – Malmesbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom – The Hilditch Group's qualified and accredited medical engineering staff are on hand to help healthcare businesses running smoothly through this period of uncertainty as the COVID-19 strain of Coronavirus marches across the globe.

Their in house team of 5 clinical engineers have extensive experience and provide a wide range medical engineering services and support for both on and off-site requirements. Steven Jones informs us, Medical Engineering Manger at the Hilditch Group. The Hilditch Group offer a range of services to see any SME through this period. Services include:

Long Term Maintenance of Medical Equipment
Our Planned Preventative Maintenance Contracts (PPMC's) provide clinics with the reassurance that their medical equipment is free of fault and working to the manufacturer's specification, reducing equipment downtime. PPMC's are essential to ensure the smooth running of any medical establishment including GP, dental, veterinary practices, medical equipment lease companies and lease holders.

Equipment Testing & Condition Reporting
Using the most up-to-date test equipment our team of medical engineers will test all types of medical equipment and will provide a condition report accordingly to provide you with all details that you need to make an informed decision about your medical devices. This service is particularly useful for medical equipment lease companies and lease holders themselves to maximise financial return and minimise extraneous expense.

Medical Equipment Repair
We repair most types of medical equipment, offering a 72-hour turnaround on equipment brought to the Hilditch Group's medical engineering department. Our engineers can also repair medical devices on location. Repairs follow a two-stage process; equipment is first assessed by our engineers and a report produced with a quote for the repair itself. Once the work is agreed by the client then the repair can be carried out. All of our repairs are guaranteed for 3 months.

Data Wiping
Our data cleansing service securely removes confidential patient identifiable data (PID) from medical equipment that complies with ICO Guidelines. Many medical devices have data stored on their hard drives. Simply destroying the hard drive renders the equipment unusable and hugely decreases the resale value. The Data Protection Act applies stringent rules to the sale of assets that may contain personal data therefore all devices that hold PID must be data wiped prior to any sale that we hold. We provide full certification for the data wiping services that we provide and we also offer secure collection and storage of equipment prior to processing.

Inventories & Assessments
Our medical engineers and valuers provide a complete inventory service, or can simply verify your current inventory and is designed to keep an over view on large amounts of medical equipment. Using our asset management system, we compile an inventory and barcode all your equipment, ensuring quick and accurate identification. Our system stores all test results for individual items of equipment and can automatically schedule our engineers to visit, ensuring that your equipment is always regularly serviced. Our inventory service includes the collation of large amounts of condition reports on equipment, useful life and current values.

We can carry out the decontamination of most types of medical equipment and facilities. This service has proven useful in the past for institutions such as nursing homes. Our fully certified contamination services comply with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA DB2003(05)) standard.

The Hilditch Group's medical engineering services are extensive so contact them at any time to discuss the variety of solutions that they can provide for your medical engineering needs.

T: +44 (0)1666 822 577

The Hilditch Group is the premiere medical equipment auctioneer in Europe, with around 30 individual auctions and over 2,000 lots of high-quality used and ex-demonstration items per month. Since 1990 the Hilditch Group has been the foremost authority in the market for the re-sale of medical equipment for the United Kingdom's National Health Service and private healthcare sectors. With almost 30 years of experience in the resale and distribution of bio-medical devices, the Hilditch Group has established its strong knowledge base over the decades by providing an efficient and professional service, maximising potential returns for its clients.

The Hilditch Group's trusted suppliers span the full spectrum of facilities within the European healthcare sector. Stock is sourced from liquidation and insolvency, hospital closures, manufacturer trade-ins, lease companies and medical device manufacturers. In the monthly auctions you will find an extensive range of medical equipment to suit your project; from imaging systems to operating theatre equipment, from Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines to operating microscopes, medical devices of every size and application are bought and sold through the Hilditch Group specialist medical auctions.

With excellent valuation capabilities, the Hilditch Group accurately predicts the re-sale value and how much equity can be expected from your medical assets, allowing your organisation to make an informed choice. The Hilditch Group's longevity in the market has been built upon the decades of trust; having invested in relationships with its wealth of clients makes the Hilditch Group the trusted medical auction specialist in Britain.

The Hilditch Group has dedicated representatives for France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and the UK. Contact us to find out how Hilditch can facilitate the sale of your used medical equipment.