UXPLORE offers organizations a complimentary COVID-19 Support Assistant

Today we launched Maya, a complimentary Smart Assistant, to help individuals and businesses find reliable, time sensitive COVID-19 related information easily.

Online PR News – 05-May-2020 – Toronto – Today UXPLORE launched Maya, a complimentary Smart Assistant (https://www.uxplore.ai/covid-19-assist), to help individuals and businesses find up-to-date, time sensitive COVID-19 related information easily and promptly. “The past few months have been extremely challenging for individuals, families and businesses,” says Noel Kirthiraj, Co-Founder and CEO of UXPLORE. “Different levels of governments are doing their best to help address the challenges we all face - there is a lot of information out there. Leaders of organizations are relied upon for this critical information to be provided promptly but the sheer volume of information and the pace at it changes, makes it very difficult to find what one is looking for. Built with AI technology, Maya can provide the relief organizations need by providing access to reliable information in real-time, around the clock.”

UXPLORE is a cloud-based automation platform that provides virtual capacity to organizations in the form of Smart Assistants and Digital Workers to support existing teams that are forced to work remotely due to COVID-19. The complementary Smart Assistant includes:
- A natural language based conversational interface
- 24/7 communication channel over web & mobile
- Real-time access to financial support information for individuals and businesses
- Real-time access to health & safety information
- Preliminary virtual COVID-19 screening
- Insights on business continuity options

Digital Workers on our platform can complete day to day repetitive tasks like engage, manage & support customers & constituents, complete routine transactions like order & ticket processing and other time consuming activities crucial for business continuity. These Digital Workers are trained to augment the current staff and work just like them on existing applications without need for any costly IT integrations. As a result, they can be deployed in a matter of 5-7 days to increase operational capacity. Leading Telcos, Banks, Distributors & Logistics companies are already using UXPLORE.

For more information, please visit: https://www.uxplore.ai