Agrinteligente report indicates use of artificial intelligence in agriculture market soaring

Agrinteligente’s latest report on artificial intelligence in the agriculture market is being driven by the growing adoption of the robots in agriculture.

Online PR News – 04-May-2020 – SAO PAULO – Agrinteligente’s analysts highlighted that increasing consumption and rising requirement of better yield of crops are estimated to be one of the major factors that is fueling the demand of robots in agriculture. Artificial intelligence in agriculture is mainly used for three applications being Precision Farming, Livestock Monitoring and Drone Analytics.

Agrinteligente’s Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Giselle de Freitas commented on the latest report findings saying “The report elucidates that this sector is on its way to record a highly perceptible growth rate over the forecast timeline, and also enumerates a basic outline of this growth of 24.7% CAGR.”

“The United States was the largest consumption countries of artificial intelligence in the world over the past few years and it will keep leader position in the next few years. North America market took up 45.2% the global agriculture market in 2019, while Europe was 24.7% and South America was 18.7%,” added Giselle de Freitas, Chief Financial Officer of Agrinteligente.

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Agrinteligente is a private technology development company based in the Brazilian city of São Paulo with a focus on utilizing the advancement of artificial intelligence in native crop cultivation.

We primarily develop, integrate and apply innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase the efficiency, quality, quantity and sustainability of agricultural production. We endeavor to uncover pioneering techniques and proprietary technology through extensive knowledge of both AI and farming practices. We use our broad experience and expertise to harness this revolutionary technology into a suite of valuable, marketable and commercial products and services that enable the next generation to harvest growing potential for the future.

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