LoanMart Shares How to Borrow Money in California From Home

Here at LoanMart, we understand times are tough in California and beyond, so we put together a list of helpful tips to borrow money without leaving home.

Online PR News – 07-May-2020 – Van Nuys, California – Money is tight during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many Americans are experiencing some form of financial stress or money trouble.

While California is just one of the West Coast states that has specific shelter-in-place orders, the CDC recommends that everyone throughout the country remain home unless they are essential workers. This recommendation, along with other employment restrictions, have resulted in many furloughed or unemployed Americans looking to borrow money.

Borrowing money in California can be tough if you aren’t sure where to look, but it can also be easier than you think!

Here at LoanMart, we understand how rough times are in California and beyond, so we’ve put together a list of helpful tips to borrow money without leaving home:

1. Reach out to Friends and Family
If you’re in a tight financial spot, one of your options is to reach out to trusted family and friends for an extra influx of cash. Communicate your financial hardship and hopefully they can lend a hand during these tough times. To do this without leaving the house, you’ll need to have them transfer the money to your bank.

2. Cash Advance from Credit Card
Another quick way to borrow money without leaving home is to reach out to your credit card provider for a cash advance. Something to note is that CA-based credit card interest rates typically cap at 36%. The benefit of choosing this method is that you won’t need to wait to get approved or fill out an application, as you’re already qualified for the card.

3. Take Out a Title Loan
An additional way to borrow money during quarantine in California is to take out a title loan. With title loans serviced by LoanMart, getting a title loan can be done completely online without the need for human contact. Simply get your documents together and begin your journey to get quick cash without leaving your home!

Stay safe.

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