Sport Chain Security to make privacy a fundamental part of its Platforms

Sport Chain Security today announced that it will make privacy the primary focus of their future platforms, meaning that no private data would be at risk.

Online PR News – 02-May-2020 – SAO PAULO – Sport Chain Security has also developed a no ID policy so there will be no threat of any individual user’s information leaking and thus providing 100% privacy.

Sport Chain Security’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Endo Tanaka commented on the platforms saying “Sport Chain Security’s team have developed a seamless platform and users will find it smooth, reliable, lightning-fast and will be on par with the fastest in the industry.”

Sport Chain Security’s current platforms support 25 cryptocurrencies and with its new privacy protocol, users can get used to navigating Sport Chain Security’s platforms with piece of mind knowing that their data is secure at all times.

About Us - Sport Chain Security

Co-founded by Rodrigo Teixeira and Samuel Lanson, Sport Chain Security is transforming consumer habits in the sporting industry through pioneering digital technology and data analysis. At the vanguard of the sporting fitness industry, we continually innovate to create specialist systems and user platforms with the particular use of blockchain technology.

Our technology is applicable in a range of areas, from personal fitness and performance analysis through to anti-doping efforts. With the use of private blockchains, we give the users complete control of their data, storing it in a safe and secure way, and giving you the ability to keep private or share your information as you see fit.