Manchester Massage Offers Hot Stone Massage in Northern Quarter Manchester

Manchester Massage – a relaxing haven and sanctuary specialises in providing massage therapy sessions including hot stone massage in Manchester.

Online PR News – 05-June-2020 – Manchester – The hot stone massage is a special spa therapy that is mostly available at the luxurious day spa throughout Manchester. This session includes using flat, smooth heated stones in the specific areas of your body as an extension of hands of the therapists. At Manchester Massage, the therapist for hot stone massage in Manchester uses basalt, a type of lava rock as it retains heat. Generally, hot stones have been used for different traditional therapies by many cultures like the Japanese, Indian, African, Egyptian and Native American for thousands of years. They are incorporated into different massage types as an aid in deepening and intensifying the treatment.

While taking this Manchester hot stone massage, the therapist at Manchester Massage warms up stones and uses the massage oil on the body. It will smooth the movement of stones around the skin. For instance, in a Swedish massage therapy, the therapist may hold the hot stone while massaging. On the other hand, they can keep the stones on specific areas to centre or on energy centres to rebalance both the mind and body. The warmth of the hot stones provides deeper relaxation and stress reduction. In addition to, it drains out tension and eases the pain of soft tissue damage. This is the reason why it has become extremely popular over the last ten years for its restorative effects. Taking a hot stone massage therapy helps you promote most refreshing sleep.

“We provide hot stone massage package i.e. £40 for 1 hour massage (£35 if this package is booked in advance) and £25 for 30 minutes massage. Our sanctuary is located in the heart of the Northern Quarter in Manchester. You can enjoy the benefits of hot stone therapy sessions. Schedule an appointment between business meetings or during your lunch hour if you have shortage of time. You can take this opportunity to indulge in longer sessions for in-depth detoxifying and de-stressing. For all of your beauty and well-being needs, please contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started”, says a spokesperson for Manchester Massage.

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Manchester Massage offers an extensive range of massage therapies including many beauty and aesthetic treatments available. They offer Thai massage, hot stone massage, full body massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, etc. If you have questions about massage therapies or want to make bookings, please contact Manchester Massage as soon as possible.

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