Your Total Guide to Knee and Hip Replacement Available to Patients April 20, 2020

The Tenamark Total Knee and Hip Replacement Guide and Planner was created to ensure the power to control the healthcare experience is in the patient's hands.

Online PR News – 30-April-2020 – Macedonia, Ohio – Surgery patients are confronted by a sea of clinical information coming from many different sources. Today more than ever, it can be an overwhelming and confusing space. Enter Tenamark: a small company out of Akron, Ohio, which aims to disrupt the status quo through the power of pen and paper.

The Tenamark Total Knee and Hip Replacement Guide and Planner is a comprehensive resource for knee and hip replacement patients -- a first-of-its-kind tool built to help the orthopedic surgery patient organize medical information and create an actionable plan to ensure the best possible experience and outcome.

“In today's healthcare industry, it is no secret that we struggle to find ways to address rising costs and access while serving the needs of the patient. In my lifelong career in healthcare, it is refreshing to see an approach as innovative as Tenamark's Your Total Guide: Hip and Knee Replacement. This two-in-one Guide and Planner provides a necessary bridge between the provider and the patient. I've always said that surgery is not the end point; after surgery is where the real navigation begins. This Guide is a groundbreaking approach to help patients be fully informed and active participants in their outcomes. It is obvious that it was created with a deep knowledge of healthcare and a personal tie to the needs of the patient. Whether you are a patient or a healthcare leader, this guide is a worthy investment.”
~Fred DeGrandis
Healthcare Leader, Policy Expert and Former Health System CEO

The Guide was created by an interdisciplinary team of healthcare insiders including surgeons, physical therapists, nurses, technicians, insurance and billing experts, attorneys, and healthcare executives. It serves as a single resource to empower patients to participate actively in their healthcare planning, advocacy and recovery. Goal setting theory and tracking has been proven to help obtain ideal outcomes from the business world to the world of self help and many stops in between. Tenamark is the first to apply this system to the elective surgery process.
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