"100 Real Recipes of Success" Guideline to New Business Owners after COVID-19

World Business Learning" will be publishing a book with 100+ start-up experience stories from Los Angeles business owners, attorneys, doctors, and more.

Online PR News – 30-April-2020 – Los Angeles, California – NGO Earth Agent is excited to announce the accomplishment of World Business Learning: Part 1 by publishing an exciting new book on Amazon Kindle in the first week of May 2020. The book "100 Recipes of Success from Scratch" consists of over 100 success stories of business owners, CEOs, Presidents, Doctors, Lawyers, CFAs, and many other successful individuals. The book will also include a series of motivational speeches targeted towards young adults from a dozen of Los Angeles' top attorneys.
Readers get to see 100 patterns of success with every story coming from people of different backgrounds, families, hometowns, schools, personalities, job experiences, childhood dreams, and other factors. Some business owners have suffered from drug or alcohol and homelessness, yet still managed to achieve financial success in the competitive modern world. Some have followed their passion by believing in themselves. Others have shown remarkable foresight when it comes to gaging economic treads well in advance of their peers.
This book also consists of various types of jobs and industries ranging from advanced technology companies with AI, Virtual Realities, 5G Networks, and retail shops on Melrose Avenue including clothing shops with new fashion styles, surf shops, record shops, Hollywood Movie Directors, Restaurants, Cafes, Talent Agencies, CFAs, Doctors, and Attorneys.
NGO Earth Agent hopes that this book would help people who are currently facing economic hardship due to COVID-19. More than ever, people realize that their current source of employment might not be as stable as they believed. Reading this book will be a MUST to start one's own business from scratch to take care of yourself as well as your families in the future. World Business Learning Students hope that this book will offer helpful guidelines for those who are starting a buisness to secure a future for themselves and their loved ones.