Zabble Offers Free Tools and Resources to Stop COVID-19 Spread in Hospitals and Essential Businesses

To help combat the spread of Covid-19 via the waste stream in hospitals and essential businesses, Zabble is offering its app and other resources for free.

Online PR News – 30-April-2020 – Walnut Creek, CA – Zabble’s mission has always been to create a new digital paradigm to improve human life through better waste management. Now, the Bay Area-based startup is dedicating its expertise and offering free tools to combat the spread of COVID-19 in multiple ways:

Retooling the Zabble Zero app to help medical organizations and essential businesses prevent the spread of COVID-19 from their facilities. Offering custom sign-generating software and downloadable information for managers to display crucial information in their facilities.

Zabble is tackling one opaque, yet possibly significant vector for viral spread: discarded personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning items from medical facilities and essential services like grocery stores, food distributors and online retailers.

“We know that PPE disposal is already a significant part of the hospital waste stream, with one study finding that PPE accounted for 43% of all solid waste from hospitals,” said Nik Balachandran, Zabble’s CEO. “With hospitals and essential businesses facing significant stress on their service capacity, PPE may be incorrectly disposed of. Hospital staff are rushed and working long hours to save lives, while workers at essential businesses put in extra shifts to keep shelves stocked and ship out goods. If infected PPE ends up in the wrong bin, COVID-19 could unknowingly spread to workers who handle solid waste by hand.”

In response, Zabble has retooled its digital platform to help essential facilities:
-Tag PPE deposited in the wrong bin by floor or department location.
-Send instant alerts for PPE in the wrong bin to a supervisor, allowing rapid action to solve the matter.
-View real-time, aggregated data highlighting floors or departments where problems occur, and the distribution of items being misplaced.

Additionally, Zabble is offering sign-generating software for managers to create and display crucial information in their facilities about handling the disposal of materials and waste during the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing clear guidelines is an essential tool for educating and reinforcing proper disposal practices.

Flattening the curve of spread and new cases means not only social distancing, but also closing off each of the ways that COVID-19 can leak out from infection hot spots, such as hospitals and essential businesses, and continue to be transmitted.

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About Zabble:
Zabble is a software company digitally transforming the waste management paradigm. With the Zabble Zero mobile app and cloud platform, Zabble facilitates the transition to zero waste in buildings and organizations, and yields cost savings along the way.

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