GYST Is Offering Free Access To Their Online Workshop To Discover Your Authentic Self

GYST (Get Your Sh*t Together); is unleashing your inner BADASS online. The three-part activity-based workshop is unique, engaging and uplifting.

Online PR News – 05-May-2020 – Melbourne, Australia – GYST (Get Your Sh*t Together) - a self-empowerment company with the aim to unleash the inner badasses of women around the globe has announced that their signature Workshop “Find Your Inner Badass” is now available as an online learning course, and the first lesson is free.

GYST founder and eccentric motivator Lauren Evans said: "The workshop will give women a glance into their real self, without the external standards and expectations from others."

The immersive and experiential activities have been planned with a focus on delivering practical learning, uplifting inspiration and self-realisations which act as a catalyst for change.

"I want women to feel inspired, engaged and determined!" Fun and free-flowing, Lauren connects in a way which makes you feel as if you are having a wine with a friend, swearing included.

This workshop is where women come to discover who they are and how to unleash that badass b*tch into the world. Participants will feel proud to embrace themselves and their peers in their most real selves and pave the way for aggregated confidence, resilience, and above all, a connection that will help them become what they are capable of, leaving with “their heart singing."

So what exactly is a ‘badass’? Lauren defines it as:
“A woman who has uncovered the layers of bullsh*t the world places on us hiding our inner badass away. She knows herself to the core, believing in herself so fiercely because she has discovered what she is capable of, and she likes it.”

Evans explains: “I’m channelling the girl from 2006 who could be found moshing to pop-punk in a tartan skirt. I'm rebelling against anyone who has told you that you are not enough, or that you should be a better version of you. Because you are already a f*cking badass!"

In a Facebook post, GYST promises participants “laughter and swearing” and warned that “there may be tears..but in a good way.”

Usually, an intimate community within a face-to-face workshop which helps women connect on personal levels and dig deep into their own layers of emotions and reasonability. Evans has managed to overcome the challenges virtual connection can pose with her casual and conversational passionate delivery.

In a decision which is in line with the companies motivation and values, GYST has made the first part in the series free in addition to slashing the price for access to the full workshop. Evans explains: "I have decided to make the first part of this workshop free because there is some pretty f*cked up sh*t happening in the world right now. The first thirty-minute lesson provides clarity and control over the things on your mind. I think everyone needs some of that at the moment so I wanted to make it as accessible as possible."

Access the full workshop with approximately three hours of inspiration and hands-on learning for the heavily discounted price of $29 AUD available here:

Start your journey right away and follow through the transgressive latitudes of liberation through the "Online Workshop Find Your Inner BADASS" Workshop.

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