A&A International Holdings Group look towards Green Bonds sector

A&A International Holdings Group today announced that they are looking to focus towards the Green Bonds sector with an investment of US$5m by the end of 2020.

Online PR News – 29-April-2020 – SINGAPORE – A&A International Holdings Group’s analysts have researched the environmental credentials of the company’s investment portfolio, and have come to the conclusion that Green Bonds are the way forward in a current volatile economy.

A&A International Holdings Group’s Chief Investment Officer commented on the investment saying "In times like these, market innovation and social imperatives come together to create something exciting that has the potential to make a real difference. The Green Bond sector is a fast-growing and powerful example of this."

A&A International Holdings Group’s Chief Investment Officer also added “Our commitment to a cleaner planet is what we want to model in the green bonds asset class and we hope our commitment will encourage other global financial institutions to do the same.”

Green Bonds are fixed income securities designed to raise capital to finance the low carbon environment. The sector has grown significantly in recent years, and A&A International Holdings Group will be building on its existing Green Bonds portfolio, which currently stands at $67m, across various investment grade issuers.

Analysts at A&A International Holdings Group also stated that at the current rate of growth, the total Green Bonds market could surpass $50 billion in 2020, three times the size in 2019 of $16 billion.

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