Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka Launches Their Virtual Demo Day

SBC Scale Osaka launches their Virtual Demo Day showcasing 13 startups who have worked together with partners to introduce their innovative solutions to Japan.

Online PR News – 29-April-2020 – Osaka, Japan – Demo Day, the closing event for the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka program, offers the thirteen startups who joined our program the opportunity to showcase their work in Japan. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, an alternative approach to the Demo Day was chosen to assist in flattening the curve. By moving the contents of the Demo Day online, and focusing on intimate bilingual interviews over standard presentations, we have created more access for the audience to our startups’ insights, impact and exposed by Japan is an attractive market. It is through these extra features that Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka is proud launch our Virtual Demo Day:

After attracting over 450 applications to the program, thirteen startups were selected to work with our forward thinking Japanese partner companies – Hankyu Corporation, JR West Innovations, Dentsu, The Yomiuri Shimbun, SMBC, JT Group and Sakura Internet – and have spent their time in our 12 week program, making headway with their Japanese market entry and building POCs with the partners.

The Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka Virtual Demo Day introduces these companies, their Japan strategy, and their pitches towards investors and potential future partners, ready to kickstart their next steps within the Japanese market.

The thirteen startups featured in the Virtual Demo Day are:
? Chinafy: Unique SaaS tool to enable websites to fully load in China, accelerating onshore access. Chinafy enabled Hankyu Hanshin Properties and Sakura Internet websites to fully load in China accelerating onshore access.

? Enroute: Location-based commerce platform to link mobility services, ecommerce and passengers together. They are working with some companies in order to introduce their platform in Japan.

? FraSen: Sleep care device and service to improve the quality of sleep for users. FraSen is collaborating on a project with Japanese companies. They are prototype testing, and have a US patent registered.
? Genoplan: Comprehensive genetic analysis service combined with custom lifestyle advice. Genoplan proceeded with a concrete examination of a new service with Japanese companies that allows users to enjoy a healthy life, while accumulating big data that combines genetic information with various environmental factors.

? Hike: POS system which handles sales channels, sales management, record keeping, reporting and much more to streamline retail processes. Hike are working together with Dentsu to plan their Japanese market entry.

? iCetana: AI software for automatic identification of anomalous behaviors in large video camera installations. iCetana was able to engage in a proof of concept in Hankyu Hanshin Properties and Sakura Internet facilities, filtering out much of the normal motion in a continuous CCTV camera stream, to show the operator only the ‘outlier’ events.

? Mapxus: Indoor mapping technology platform that provides state-of-the-art indoor map services for global applications. Mapxus successfully implemented indoor mapping for smart offices in Hankyu Hanshin Properties business buildings, and barrier-free tourist navigation for JR West Kyoto Railway Museum and Osaka station.

? Miro AI: Utilizing AI & Computer Vision to unlock consumer insights from images and video, focused on the sports industry to identify athletes, brand preferences, body form and more. Miro AI, with partners The Yomiuri Shimbun & Dentsu will conduct a POC demonstrating a new opportunity to connect brands and athletes through raceday media and apparel analysis.

? Natural Machines: Innovative kitchen solutions, providing a 3D food printer to improve kitchen efficiency and lower food waste. Natural Machines were able to sell their 3D printing food technology to Hankyu Hanshin Properties during the program, and present it to well-known chefs in Osaka.

? Oovvuu: Unique media technology tying news articles with suitable video content from trusted publishers and broadcasters. Oovvuu executed a PoC during the program with The Japan News, and were able to show The Yomiuri Shimbun a new methodology for generating editorial content.

? Sitata: Platform for global health and safety, assisting travelers around the world to help navigate difficult situations in unfamiliar environments. They are in discussion with Japanese companies to bring their services to a Japanese audience.

? Soundpays: Utilizing ultrasonic sound wave technology to instantly connect audiences to advertised and broadcast content. Soundpays successfully conducted two technology PoCs during the program with a Hankyu Hanshin Properties store located in Osaka-Umeda Station and in The Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Head Office.

? Travello: A global social network for travelers with an in-destination booking platform and unique solution for travel companies to connect and communicate with their audience. Travello launched a partnership with The Yomiuri Shimbun and has found great potential in both the inbound and outbound markets of Japan.

Joshua Flannery, Managing Director, Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka, said:
"There is an increasing number of programs in Japan conducting matchmaking services, and some encouraging Proof of Concept projects between startups and Japanese corporations - but often a successful match is not made or a project stops before real business begins. We are not trying to be another contributor to a shallow "PoC festival", but by only helping mature startups, serious about Japan market entry and in a very hands-on way, we are starting to see the beginnings of PoC's converting into real business - and that is an exciting thing for Osaka, Japan and startups worldwide".

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