Mirodec Explains Why Glass Is Crucial For Sustainable Design

Michael Khoury, General Manager of Mirodec shares why sustainability will be more relevant than ever and how glass plays a major role in this.

Online PR News – 05-June-2020 – Dubai, UAE – Dubai, UAE- Today, the global pandemic has affected several businesses around the world and has caused major disruptions in almost every industry. Companies are taking their own measures to cope with the situation and ease their burden both financially and economically.

This is also the perfect time for businesses to re-think, re-innovate, and re-evaluate their existing business models. Michael Khoury, General Manager of Mirodec, a company which specializes in the design and execution of custom-made decorative art glass and mirrors, shares why sustainability will be more relevant than ever and how glass plays a major role in this. In fact, according to Bloomberg, the current global pandemic might just change the landscape of sustainability.

“We believe that companies will be more proactive and assertive in implementing sustainable and eco-friendly practices, switching to recyclable materials in an effort to create a more “circular” economy” Michael explains.

Having worked with several major companies both in the private and public sectors, Mirodec has seen how essential glass can be and how it contributes to creating sustainable design. More than just providing the aesthetics, glass is a material that’s is durable, highly flexible, and recyclable, Michael adds.

“Glass is a material that can be used over and over again. That is why we are able to save a lot of resources compared to manufacturing new products from raw materials. We also help reduce the amount of carbon footprint since glass melts at a relatively low temperature, reducing our energy consumption.”

As several designs gravitate towards sustainability, glass plays an important role. Mirodec anticipates contributing not just aesthetic and creative workmanship, but also environmentally-friendly materials for facilities and private individuals.

“We are very optimistic about what’s to come for sustainability, and in the meantime, we are focusing on creating more ideas in the world of art glass innovation and design”.