"Romance To Love's" new "Miracle Moments" video series helps Single Women create great Marriages

Introducing my daily new "Miracle Moments" video series where Single Women are discovering how to go from dead-end dating to marriage!

Online PR News – 05-June-2020 – Scottsdale, Arizona – For Immediate Release

“RomanceToLove” is Helping Single Women turn Dating and Romance into Lasting Love through daily “MIRACLE MOMENTS” video series!

Camille Evans Paterson, Women’s Dating & Relationship Coach announces her new video series teaching Single Women how to go from “Dead-end Dating” to “MARRIAGE OR PARTNERSHIP”

A MUST HAVE for Single Women!

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, April 27, 2020. Fans of Camille Evans-Paterson are finally able to access the “MIRACLE MOMENTS” video series specifically designed for SINGLE WOMEN WHO ARE:

Not dating yet, so they will be prepared with new ways of communicating in a relationship. Not preparing is like taking a final exam without studying
Dating several men and want clarity on the exact qualities that will make them happy so they doesn’t get disappointed later and experience a break-up or divorce
In a new relationship so they can create a deep connection that lasts a lifetime and won’t have to experience a break-up or divorce. https://romancetolove.com/miracle-moments-full-video-series/

The “MIRACLE MOMENTS” video series includes:

Dating online and offline, flirting, body language, tone of voice
Getting clear on qualities you want in a man and qualities you want to bring to a new marriage or relationship (releasing old habits that don’t serve you anymore and creating new ones that do)
Healing from past relationships, specific techniques to forgive others and yourself so you don’t ever give your power away again. When you don’t forgive others, you give your power away
Exact words to build a deeper, loving bond after an argument or misunderstanding
Loving yourself so a man will see you as lovable, raising your love-ceiling (how much love you can receive)
Establishing your personal boundaries so you’ll be respected by men, and specific questions to ask a man to understand his character before you continue to date him or fall in love with him
Make or break rules that literally make the difference between a marriage proposal/lifelong relationship or a break-up
Masculine vs Feminine energy and how to be in your feminine energy (learning to “receive” from a man so he’ll want to give more)
How to know if a man (or a conversation) is toxic, specific words to say and specific actions to take
Learning how to be vulnerable, building an emotional-connection and keeping the spark going for a lifetime
My entire “RomanceCoach” mobile app content in video form so you can visually see how to use it (download the app on your Apple or Google device)
Learning to live in your “Genius” every day, using your creative energy, which makes you very attractive. Personal worksheets to apply to your own life and much more!

Camille has been-there-done that. She experienced an unexpected divorce after a 30 year marriage & is happily remarried. Through self discovery, study & receiving her “Life Coaching” certification through the Hendricks Institute, she learned “secrets” to attracting and sustaining a great marriage or life long relationship.

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