Stacey Abrams Speaks 'Truth to Covid' On A Special Episode Of The Epidemic Podcast

Stacey Abrams calls reopening of Georgia 'irresponsible, 'incompetent.' 'People are.. told.. to come back to work [and] risk the lives of your families.

Online PR News – 28-April-2020 – New York, NY – Speaking on a Special Edition of the Epidemic podcast, 2018 Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams blasted Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s plans to reopen many businesses in that state, calling the action “irresponsible” and “incompetent”; Abrams’ cited the decision’s particular impact on “people of color … in Georgia [who are] black and Latino and likely to be women. These are low wage workers who do not have the luxury of refusing to return to work if they refuse the call of their employers.” In addition to addressing Kemp’s decision, Abrams discussed how COVID-19 is impacting voting rights, the census, and having a disparate impact on minority communities. Her comments, and the entire episode of the EPIDEMIC podcast, are available for free on all major podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts at, as well as on Spotify, Google, Stitcher, and many others.

In her interview on EPIDEMIC, Abrams said:

- Governor Kemp’s decision to reopen businesses like tattoo parlors, beauty salons, and massage treatment centers was “an irresponsible decision that not only would I not have made [as Governor], but as a citizen, I am actively agitating against.”

- “When we are told that the economy is more important than the people, then we've made very wrongheaded choices.” Abrams also criticized the decision’s impact on female workers and workers of color, prevalent in service businesses, saying “people are literally being told to … come back to work [at the] risk the lives of their families.”

Stacey Abrams speaks Truth To Covid on a special episode of the Epidemic podcast calls reopening of Georgia irresonsible incompetent. People are told come back back to work and risk the lives of your families.

- A leading voting rights advocate, Abrams said that, in response COVID-19, the U. S. must “expand vote by mail options, which includes no excuse, absentee voting;” a failure to do so would mean that COVID could “limit the ability to use ... the right to vote.”

- Abrams also addressed COVID’s disproportionate impact on African Americans, saying, “When you have a system that refuses to acknowledge that there are racial dimensions to healthcare and equity and to the solutions, then we cannot serve our people.”

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