#FearNotThereIsGod campaign to help fight #COVID19 stress and anxiety

@spiritualitywr launched #FearNotThereIsGod campaign that helps people fight #COVID19 #lockdown stress and anxiety through #interfaith spiritual support.

Online PR News – 25-April-2020 – New Delhi, India – On 23 April 2020, @spiritualitywr launched #FearNotThereIsGod Twitter campaign that helps people fight #COVID19 stress and anxiety, stemming from the long period of #lockdown and #isolation through #interfaith spiritual support. Visit https://twitter.com/spiritualitywr/status/1253061317998505984 for more details.

“While it is normal to feel anxious about real issues like possible unemployment or loss in business, for some it might be a question of life and death, although they still have enough means to support their families. This campaign aims to reach out to these people to help connect with a compelling purpose to remain constructive, productive and hopeful through interfaith spirituality,” explains Ranjit K Sharma, Founder, Spirituality with Ranjit Community.

“We do not, however, provide medical advice. In case of any medical need, please contact a doctor or call Government of India’s MoHFW helpline no. +91 80 46110007,” he adds.

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#SpiritualitywithRanjit (@spiritualitywr) is an interfaith community that aims at helping people become global citizens and make the world a better place to live in through the pursuit of religion-neutral spirituality and world peace.
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