Blades Direct "Blades Direct Reviews" " Reviews" Record Breaking Sales April 2020.

Blades Direct, announces record breaking sales in April 2020 for Shoxx Diamond Blade, Shocker Diamond Blade, and Rx13 Diamond Blade.

Online PR News – 25-April-2020 – Orlando, FL – Blades Direct, LLC an online distributor of diamond blades and related tools for contractors and the construction industry, announces record breaking sales in April 2020. This shows that despite the Coronavirus pandemic the economy is still strong and going to boom again.

Blades Direct, LLC attended the Northeast Hardscape Expo in Hartford, CT in March 2020. The response from attendees exceeded expectations. Blades Direct procured new customers from the exposure at these shows and it was a great to meet many of their current customers in person.

Customers have ordered the Shoxx, Shocker blade and Rx13 in record numbers, buying more blades from Blades Direct than any previous year on record. Further, customers have been quoted as saying, Shoxx, Shocker Blade, and R13 cut faster and last longer than any other diamond blade on the market today." "Shoxx are the single greatest diamond blades in the world today."

According to the manufacturer, the Shoxx technology allows these diamond blades to cut 2x faster, last 2x longer, and are some of the safest diamond blades in the world.

"Blades Direct and are the only current Direct Distributors of Shoxx and Samedia Diamond Blades. Our sales team handles construction companies and retail store sales for Samedia."

With two production centers in France and Germany, Samedia manufacturers over one million tools per year and holds a global patent on the SHOXX technology, which was designed for cutting reinforced concrete, granite, and other very hard surfaces. The manufacturing process incorporates the same bonding technique used in the automotive industry, resulting in cutting speeds that are twice as fast as standard blades.

The distribution of the Shoxx products will include Blades Direct's existing Shoxx, Shocker Blade, Rx13 diamond blade, which has been the company's best reviewed product to date.

For more information, visit http:// or call toll free at 1-855-2BLADES (855-225-2337) to speak with a diamond blades representative.