Dreamstime adds features to help creatives during COVID-19

Dreamstime announces a series of company initiatives aimed at helping its customers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Online PR News – 24-April-2020 – Brentwood, Tennessee, USA – Dreamstime adds features to help creatives during COVID-19. The agency will also donate part of its sales to the COVID 19 Solidarity Relief Fund

April 6, 2020 – Dreamstime, the world's largest stock photo community, with 29 million
users to the date, announces a series of company initiatives aimed at helping their customers
during the COVID-19 outbreak. As of last week, the stock photo agency allows its
members to pause subscriptions, invites NGOs to apply for free stock content, and
prompts its community to stay inside and take part in the Explore the great Indoors photo
challenge launched in March. In addition to the site features, the agency will be making
monetary contributions to the COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Fund by directing a percentage
of all its sales to the World Health Organization every week.

Dreamstime understands that many of its customers may now be faced with economic
hardships, with businesses being shut down, and projects delayed or canceled. The
agency is giving subscribers the possibility of pausing their subscriptions for up to 60
days, with no loss of accrued downloads or additional costs. The newly added feature is
available in each subscriber's payment profile section.

After releasing several best practice guides to COVID-related visuals on their blog,
Dreamstime moves further and supports the efforts of NGOs by giving these organizations
access to free subscriptions. Non-profit organizations have a dedicated page to
apply for a free plan and license the images that Dreamstime feels are essential for their
communication strategy these days.

The company emphasizes that there is an increasing need for visuals not only to promote
but mostly to relay trustworthy information and urges its creative community to focus
on delivering accurate, user-friendly, and informative stock content. We each have a
distinct and essential role to play these days, and we know our community is made up of
graphic, video, written, and social communicators. That is why our impact can be extraordinary,
and our contribution hugely positive. It's not only essential to wash our
hands, but it's also vital to communicate kindly and accurately. Remember that designers
and photographers carry the world's brushes, Serban Enache, Dreamstime's CEO says.

Dreamstime encourages everyone to make a difference and join worldwide efforts to
fight the coronavirus. The company has decided to donate 5% of all its sales, weekly, to
the World Health Organizations' COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.


For more information about Dreamstime, visit https://www.dreamstime.com/.