Just Released: Tavi Tails - The Diary of a Dog

My first book “Tavi Tails - The Diary of a Dog,” explores the world and its ups and downs through the eyes of a dog.

Online PR News – 24-April-2020 – Charlevoix, MI – TAVI TELLS THE “TAIL” — NEVER CHOOSE TO LEAVE FOREVER
“If There Was Ever a Time The World Could Use More Laughs
and Warm Fuzzies, This is it.”

Charlevoix, MI — Lisa Richman, a resident of Charlevoix MI, is excited to announce the launch of her debut novel, Tavi Tails – The Diary of a Dog. While translating from dog to English is not an exact science, this book reflects Tavi’s experiences in his own voice.

“I have typed for Tavi on his Facebook page (facebook.com/TaviTail) since he was a puppy. With nearly 5000 followers, it has been incredibly gratifying to see how he helps people smile, and think, and look at life from a unique perspective,” said Richman. “This book is a chance to do so on a broader scale, and if ever there was a time the world could use more laughs and warm fuzzies, this is it.”

While full of humor, the novel does not start there. It begins when Tavi tells of his mom coming home from work filled with sorrow, because a student at her school committed suicide. Tavi whined, felt confused and was sad too. He loved all his minutes and seconds, and he could not understand why someone would choose to Leave Forever. He knew then that his job was to share everything he learned, hoping that no matter how sad humans might be, they would always choose to stay.

Along with his duck-chasing Lab, his protective Collie, and their humans, Tavi delights in life’s adventures and faces its challenges - from Bad Guy Leash and the power of Butt Plop Wide Paw, to the courage it takes to be a Flying Duckdog, and the scary responsibility of teaching his Puppy. He learns that dogs can be Here, But Not Here, that humans can get lost, and that if he has his Pack, he has all he really needs.

“I originally thought of writing this book for young adults and dog lovers of all ages,” Richman explained. “I now hope that Tavi’s perspectives on love and family will provide inspiration to all readers, and that his story will make them smile."

When they are not busy telling stories, Tavi and Lisa enjoy therapy dog time visiting the Boulder Park nursing home, and students and teachers in the Charlevoix schools. Their best wish is that they are able to do so again soon!


“A superb work of fiction . . . The atmospheric touches, euphemisms, and word choices that author Lisa Richman puts into her work literally transport us into a totally different mindset, lifting us from the normality of our lives and encouraging a wonderful new perspective on family, loyalty, and love.”
— K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

Tavi Tails – The Diary of a Dog is now available for sale, http://www.amazon.com/dp/057866822X.
If youwould like more information, or to schedule an interview with Lisa, please contact her via her website: http://www.lkrichman.weebly.com