Product Launch: Hookd: The antimicrobial travel tool

Hookd is an antimicrobial tool that limits your contact with contaminated surfaces while helping you navigating public spaces easily and hygienically.

Online PR News – 24-April-2020 – Providence, RI – Hookd allows you to open and close doors, navigate elevators, carry grocery bags, hang on subway handrails and use pin pads without ever touching these surfaces with your hands. Hookd dramatically reduces the surface contact needed to interact with things like door handles, pin pads, and handrails when compared to using our hands. In combination with Hookd’s antimicrobial properties we believe that Hookd can help limit the spread of harmful microbes like corona-virus throughout our communities.

Even if you’re unable to help support our campaign, we’ve included drawings and files so anyone can make their own Hookd to use for free.

Hookd is available worldwide. Launching on April 28th at 8am EST.

Hookd is available back at the pricing of $20 USD for the Brass and $25 USD for Copper. Early Backers will earn early bird discounts of up to 25%
AK Studios Design, LLC is a product design, development and production firm based in Providence, RI. Contact info more information as well as more photos and videos of Hookd.