Deb CarverOwens announces all new eBooks are ready as well as the new website.

This website is dedicated to the progression of Deb CarverOwens books and eBooks. Her goal is to write quality eBooks and then books that will delight readers.

Online PR News – 22-April-2020 – Gulf shores, AL 04/22/2020 – The new website is finished, and all the P’s and Q’s are in place. The site is secure with SSL certificate installed. All the eBooks have their ISBNs. There is a large assortment of titles from which to choose. Three new Science Fiction full length novels and one Short Story has been added to the list of works completed by Deb CarverOwens.

Here are synopses of all the offerings now ready.

• “Black Seven: Legend of Venetta” is a full-length science fiction novel which spotlights three
courageous women from three different planets covering three different time periods being threatened by one disastrous machine.
• “Saga of Bazor” - which is also a full-length science fiction novel. The work starts on Earth with a
woman that finds herself caught in an espionage trap between an agent from Bazor and a madman.
• "Experiences in Fishing" portrays a fishing trip to the lake which includes humorous events,
serious subjects, definitions, and recipes.
• "Faith's Dark Stranger": a fiction eBook about a woman who has recurring nightmares of possibly
something that happened in her past. She awakes moaning a most eerie sound and feels the constriction of her insides even after awakening.
• "Life's Like That": poetry that covers several emotions such as love, humor, love, other subjects,
love. Oh, and did I say love? As you can see there are several poems about that subject.
• "Verria's Gift": the exciting sequel to "Saga of Bazor" about the Empress of Melentis who has lost
her Emperor to a murderer and must carry on. She is startled when his spirit appears to her, but deep inside she is ecstatic. Together, they solve the mystery of his death.

Deb CarverOwens has been working on this scenario for 12 years and has come to the knowledge that anything worth doing is not worth quitting. It reflects the old adage that: “Anything worthwhile is worth waiting for”. There are other works that have been written, such as, editorials, an article of interest, and even music. One of her quotes is: “I know a little bit about a lot of things”.

There are excerpts from the eBooks that can be read to give an idea how the new eBooks will sound. There are also various avenues that can be used to contact and ask questions or give comments.
Such as: Contact Form, Email links, and postal address if this method is preferred.

She got in touch with one of her favorite authors who did a critique for her. They recommended that she get the book "How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method by Randy Ingermanson" of which she immediately ordered. Reading it several times, she found a new perspective on writing. Adapting her pen name in 2008, she has been taking the authorship to new heights.