Expo Prestige – Long-term Portable Solution for Professional Appearances

Expo Exhibition Stands India presents Expo Prestige, a European quality product, used for multiple exhibitions, conferences, and events.

Online PR News – 22-April-2020 – Mumbai, Maharashtra – The India-based exhibition stall manufacturer company, Expo Exhibition Stands India, has introduced its product named Expo Prestige, a portable, reusable and modular exhibition stall design for exhibitors looking out to buy exhibition stall. The development came as a part of the company’s objective to ease their client’s stress while helping them focus on important aspects of their business. Expo Prestige was presented with an aim to provide a contemporary solution that is flexible, compact for transport. It would serve as a one-time investment for exhibitors participating in multiple events. 

With a lot of exhibitors, nowadays looking out for mobile exhibition stalls, the company provides a scalable, reusable, and portable exhibition stall that can be custom-designed as per their brand’s requirement. It comes with multiple configurations that enables to fit in different floor spaces. It gives complete freedom to install and dismantle and does not require any specialized tools or knowledge to do it. Being compact in size, stall up to 18sqm can fit in the back of your car. 

The reusability feature of Expo Prestige also makes it an eco-friendly option as there is less wastage, and no adhesive materials are needed while assembling it, making the process waste-free. The company offers a range of exhibition stall design ideas for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who are looking for budget-friendly solutions. They have designed the Expo Prestige system in a way that makes it quite flexible for the client to use irrespective of the type of their business. It comes with a variety of accessories that help promote brands uniquely, keeping in mind their requirements. 

Company Info:  Expo Exhibition Stands India, an exhibition stall manufacturer company, is a home brand of the Expo Display Service founded in 1979 in Germany, which delivers a variety of reusable exhibition stalls for exhibitions across India. With a head office in Mumbai, the company also has its local presence in Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Pune. With an aim to make the exhibiting process hassle-free, the company came up with modular and portable solutions. They have over 250 inspiring exhibition stall design ideas easily accessible online that can be tailored according to the client’s requirements. The company is backed with a team of experienced designers and offers a range of exhibition stall services in India. Expo Exhibition Stands India has brought European quality exhibiting techniques and solutions in India.